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Once you hit 40, add lower testosterone, higher blood glucose, and higher insulin levels to the list of physiological changes that now make losing extra insulation about as difficult as keeping your full head of hair.There’s another big reason to put your energy into eating well: you probably don’t have as much time to focus on working out.“The chemical messengers that control our metabolism begin to decline in our early 30s which makes it very difficult to maintain an ideal body weight or even lose unhealthy fat weight,” says Robert Kominiarek, D.O., medical director and hormone specialist at the Alpha Male Medical Institute in Springboro, OH.It’s always better to score nutrients from real whole foods, but Kominiarek says supplementation is a must as we age.“The omega-3 fatty acids naturally found in a fresh fillet of salmon is critical in helping reduce inflammation that has been linked to obesity, dementia, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease,” Bede explains.Plus, men in particular consume an additional 433 calories on days they drink, typically in the form of saturated fat, meats, and the booze itself, reports a study in the You know you should up your intake of fruits and vegetables to lose those lbs.

Vitamin D is particularly important since it’s so crucial to both muscle and bone health, yet people tend to spend less time outside, exposed to sunlight after 40, Bede adds.

There's another huge reason to cut back on bovine: “One in three men over 40 will die from heart disease, and eating more of a plant-based diet is the best way to optimize endothelial nitric oxide levels for cardiovascular protection and health,” says Kominiarek.

In fact, a Mediterranean diet particularly heavy in healthy fats—olive oil, eggs, nuts, fatty fish—lowers your risk of not only heart disease, but also type 2 diabetes and certain cancers, according to a new study analysis in the reports that loading up on protein may be enough to prevent or mitigate age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia.

(These 8 at-home workouts can certainly come in handy!

) “A healthy diet is now your best friend when trying to lose weight.” It comes with added perks, though: A balanced diet can also energize your day, allowing you to make healthier decisions, and fuel your workouts most efficiently, she adds.

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