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This delicate and complicated perfume is in harmony with the citrus honey note, which can be scented from the top all the way to the bottom notes. The scent then moves into a nice Floral surrounded continuously with honey.

This is a innovative perfume composition built like a 'double olfactory pyramid'. Honestly, I have never been one to put fragrances in a category by age. All woman can take pleasure in wearing this beauty. The base is still soft with vanilla, and even more honey.

The very pretty and agreeable floral whateverness in here lacks the carnal and ripe quality of true magnolias which happen to be the most glorious of all flowers in existence. Cinema and Intuition will un-apologetically embed themselves on your skin from the get-go, and will remain vibrant and animated for a good 6-8 hours...

However, the gleaming amber here is simple feminine perfection. And after the first hour, the luminous concoction will become a strict skin scent heavy on the powder. with much arrogance and righteous pride I might add.

It's quite powdery in the opening but soft and honey-like after twenty minutes. I had such high hopes - sweet fruity oriental floral that dries down with a powdery puff. The fruit is only just barely there, the vanilla is hiding in there somewhere, the honey is sickly, and yes, it's got a powdery finish, but it's a light talcum powder finish with barely anything else left.A man has been arrested after a Christmas Day attack which left a man in hospital with a serious stab wound.It comes after police were called to an area near Oswald Road in Dover at 2.18pm, where the victim had suffered a serious stab-like wound to his abdomen.The perfume opens with fresh citrus notes – mandarin and bergamot as one fragrant composition, while the other one gives out the shine of white flowers – magnolia, ylang-ylang, and sambac jasmine. I'm wearing L'Instant EDP on my left and Hanae Mori PP on my right. I differ on opinion with some here stating season as well of time of day in order to wear this scent. This scent is universal for day, night, winter, summer. A timeless scent to please the nose, and give an appetite for more powdery, honey goodness. It is a delicate mixture of soft, honeyed florals, and warm, luxurious vanillas.The sensuality comes later with vanilla, benzoin, and musk, which leave magical intimate trace. L'Instant initially smells like straight up syrup, then it mellows out into a soft sugary floral. In a few words this is how you sum up this fragrance. As I am one who cherishes honey, not just to eat, but in fragrance, this is done so right, so perfect. This is a day time fragrance for a sophisticated woman who carries herself, and her intellect, confidently. Sadly, it's all that it promises to be, but there's something just wrong about it.

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Sad, disappointed, and have been reminded once again that blind buys are a bad investment. I received more compliments on my perfume than I ever had in my life, which tells me that the sillage is excellent, and it's not too heavy for the extreme heat and humidity of a Southern European summer.

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