How to consider dividend yield

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«How many twice two will be?

Do we sell or buy? «

(C) accounting wisdom

Let’s start with a small disclaimer:

Since my article in supporters of alternative methods for calculating profitability can cause phantom pains and mental suffering, I immediately want to tell them — guys, just tolerate until the end of the article.

At the end you are waiting for a comforting prize, and what else. For all who will not agree with the method of calculating the yield in the end of the article, the method of upgrading their «alternative» techniques of profitability to unprecedented results will be indicated.


Well, now to the point.

In part, this chaos and confusion were made very reputable people and not without intent, as it seems to me.

I think such people as a notorious dividend grandmother for advertising their courses use these numbers as a bait — after all, everyone wants to go and learn how to earn 100% dividends. By the way, I do not believe that Larisa Morozova itself does not understand what kind of capital increases and how to consider the yield (it is a professional financier). Think, «

Well, let’s and we, unprofessional financiers, slowly understand and restore order in terminology, as usual.

Dividend yield is the percentage of dividend payments for the year to the current value of the action.

That is, if the action is now worth a hundred rubles and you will pay for ten rubles dividends, then your dividend yield is ten percent.


And if this very stock you bought a hundred years ago for 10 rubles, and this year will get 10 rubles dividends?

At this point, many stumble and say: then my dividend yield is 100% per annum.

No, guys, it is a pity to upset you and deprive the illusions, but the dividend yield is the same one. And is calculated from the current value of shares.

You have an increase in your capital — your capital that you once invested in stocks rose tenfold.

And now you did not work at ten rubles, which you have long invested the securities market. No. Now it employs capital in a hundred rubles — because the action belonging to you is now worth not ten rubles, but a hundred.

And here on its increasing capital — on its own hundred rubles — you get exactly the same dividend yield, like all other shareholders — no more and no less.

Moreover, you can invest your increasing capital not only in other stocks — but also to other tools, including in risk-free tools — in OFZ, for example, and receive a certain percentage of yield at all without risk.

So it is always necessary to compare the potential yield of your capital, especially on the liquid market, as the securities market, where you can go from one asset in a minute.

You find all your capital and no one has deprived you of freedom of choice. And if so, it means that it is necessary to compare the effectiveness with which today’s — has already grown up to one hundred rubles Capital.

Otherwise it turns out that you once were a very wise investor and bought excellent growing stocks. But now you may be sitting in promotions with non-optimal dividend yield. Are you waiting for the continuation of growth? OK. Then you say yourself, and not deceive yourself allegedly excellent dividends on 10 rubles invested a hundred years ago. No. Today you have capital 100 rubles — so answer yourself to the question — is your capital invested today ???

Another aspect showing how incorrectly will count the percentage of profitability from your attachments made in time immemorial times, and not from the current value of the asset — you do not always buy an asset for money. And then what???

A simple example, which I led in Commets: Privatized apartment. If you rent it, then (according to the logic of such a pps yielding) your percentage of profitability is infinity — after all, you did not insert a penny. But I still think that if the apartment costs 6 million rubles, and gives up for 30 thousand rubles, then the percentage of yields closer to six percents than infinity, even if you received this apartment for privatization? Hope most readers with me according to.

Well, for those who have not believed to all my arguments and I am sure that the «alternative» system of counting the profitability name of the dividend grandmother is the only right, I, as promised, make a comforting prize.

All of you — completely free — I give the idea of which your income (counted according to your principle) will be many times increased. Yes, that there are many times — infinitely increased.


Buy one dividend action —

Ask your friend to buy the same dividend action.

Give a friend to a friend.

A friend gives his share to you.

Bingo! Your dividend yield is equal to infinity! Do not believe? Let’s check by your formula: the cost of buying a promotion is zero. Dividends — more zero. Try to calculate the yield)))

Attention!!! The author is not responsible if, after applying this system, you will not have endless amount of money on accounts. This system is only for those who know over the same paper to receive a different percentage of dividend yield, subject to the purchase of paper for different money.

Well, the rest of the readers, for whom the system of obtaining «infinite» profitability is not relevant I can advise critically refers to the methods that are also offered by such authoritative sources as a dividend grandmother and most importantly — carefully consider your money. This is an important skill on the way to become