How not to become rich having all the opportunities to get rich?

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«A river begins with a blue bitch»

(c) M. Pleazkovsky

In an excellent book, «The richest man in Babylon» was very good and simply explained to a simple rule: those coins that you take out of your wallet will go to a momentary your needs — food clothes and so on. We will make those coins that will remain in your wallet.

All the smart people are the same thing — it is not important how much you earn (or rather — not only this) — more importantly, how much money you managed to save and send to investments.

All this looks like such a simple, obvious and in itself, that even somehow uncomfortable to begin to pull this «Volynka».

But you look around and you understand — it’s absolutely not obvious to people. And okay would be somehow stupid and illiterate in all people — it would be possible to dump it on a common villain. So because there are no people in general very educated, they are engaged in intellectual labor, succeeded in life. That’s just with regard to financial literacy — some kind of «blind spot».

And since at least one of the heroes of today’s article, I am very not indifferent, I am writing it, trying to somehow throw out the despair, which I have accumulated from attempts to turn it into a «true faith»)))

Actually, I will proceed from general maxims to specific examples.


I’ll start with the simplest example. And not very dramatic.

There was a top manager Vyacheslav.

He got very good money. And it seemed to him that would always be so.

He had a family — wife and three children. Vyacheslav acted almost in the paradigm of an American citizen who relies that «his house is his main investment.»

Vyacheslav had a very expensive apartment. When I say — «very expensive» — you really believe me. Until 2014, he bought it in two million dollars. After 2014, it began to cost 1 million dollars. My question — «How does he feel in the role of a man who has just lost a million dollars»? Vyacheslav replied that he did not feel it — the apartment was on the spot.

More than once, I emphasize it in my article — the apartment on our person acts soothing as Valerian. When stocks fall in price — a hysteria man. And when the apartment is yes, it seems all the rules))

By the way — the apartment is really unmatched, nothing to say. In the complex «Scarlet Sails». 4 meters ceilings. In the children’s Vyacheslav for younger children made a tree with a house. That is, like Americans in the yard — a tree, and on the branches a house for children. Well, isn’t the beauty of? ))

That is, his father is excellent, there are no questions.

And an investor?

And the investor is no.

There is no investment other than the apartment. But there is a plan.

The plan is such — when the children grow up, such a large apartment with his wife will have anything — they will sell it and change to the small one. And the money will «stay».

In principle, the plan looks like pension plans of the part of the Americans — paying the mortgage to sell housing on pensions and leave for Bali or Thailand.

What can I say about such a plan and about such an approach?

The person had 2 million dollars in 2014. Obviously, in one million it was possible to buy an excellent apartment (well, maybe a tree with a house would not fit))) And the second million is to invest and become very rich. But man did not want. That’s right myself refused to get rich.

But at least — his pension is well provided with his expensive apartment.

Let’s look at a more dramatic story.

He lived was a simple Russian guy Andrei. Even, write directly — a good guy.

Got a decent education — he became a military lawyer. Some time pulled an officer strap. Then his homeland found him excess in military service and he went to peaceful legal earnings.

A good guy has become a good man. Got a family. Two children and mortgage. Cottage. And even the underground machinery in its residential complex. In short, everything is as expected: the house is a complete bowl.

In general, Andrei — right without any jokes and exaggerations — a real man and an exemplary citizen. If our country consisted of such people — we would have caught Germany for a long time and overtakes in terms of living.

Man all his life is not flexing working on the family. It plows without breaks like a diesel in the plague, and it also tries in addition to the main work, it is also still to find a part-time job — as they say «Mortgage will not pay herself.»

How do I know all this? Andrei was my employee for 12 years and still we work with him on individual projects. I respect him very much as a person and as a specialist. It can always be rejected on it in a professional plan, and in personal. That is, the work will make a qualified and if they promised to do — it means to do. A real man, as mentioned above. The moreover, for me, that he will not become a rich man, apparently, although there is prerequisites for it — a good income and good education.

And why most likely the rich will not be ??? Let’s deal with.

Andrei’s income has always been very worthy for an ordinary lawyer. But it was one «but» — he was extremely skeptical about investment. And after seeing my numerous unsuccessful attempts …

In short, Andrei came to a firm conviction — investments are deception, evil and hopelessness. The only way to preserve savings is to put bucks in the bank cell. But this is for those who have «bucket bucks». And he does not have, so this question does not concern at all. The fact that the «pack» appears gradually, billing for Covera — escapes from his understanding. He perfectly extinguishes debts to the bank — demonstrating magnificent thrift. But when debts are paid, he refuses to act as gently in the name of his future wealth. Because it does not believe that this thrift can lead him to wealth. Including my negative example led it to this unbelief.

The first investment he saw was Bitcoin in 2014. Andrei even traveled together with me to discover the score in unspoys, to try to transfer money to the bitcoan exchange (closing ahead — failed through UniCredit — another year was tormented by different ways trying to translate). So, he saw torment with the translation and long side of Bitcoin, and the sale and earnings have already passed after its «irrevocable» conclusions about the dissent of the investment.

The second investment he saw is an attachment to the apartments. There, too, Andrei looked at the years of unfinished and frozen money. And on how the money albeit after seven years, but returned still without loss — in the dollar fault — it was already too late again, the conclusions were already made))

The third investment, also passed on his eyes «Short-term loan». It was necessary even more quotes for the word short-term put))) a familiar entrepreneur in 2017 lent 110 thousand dollars for six months. Under 12% per annum. Several times already such operations were turned — everything was fine — but in the world of finance the risk is always proportional to the profitability, and then the yield is more abruptly))) problems began with an entrepreneur. Year he did not pay at all. It was then Andrei, by the way, and came to the final conclusions that investment — the path to nowhere))

But, the entrepreneur is honest man. His problems, thank God, decreased. Slowly returned almost everything. Interest pays. Sophisticated. 12% in dollars to our times — not bad. But — Andrei before this Happi End did not watch.

It turned out that it turned out that I was paying with the mortgage ahead of time, well-packed Andrei now buys a new jeep for three and a half million. And on my attempts to explain to him that he leaks his future, and it is necessary to invest in an investment, he only laughs and does not believe in one of my words.

Well, I still write here, edifying history. As if Andrei could act now, if he wanted to become rich. Maybe she will need some other Andrei.

I call that hypothetical Andrei, who will take my plan to Andrei Investor. Next can be compare the future from the real Andrei and Andrei Investor.

Well, let’s see.

Andrei now earns about four million rubles a year. On a family of four. Two adults — he and wife. Son junior schoolboy. And the second son in kindergarten. Plus a dog. Or minus — if you consider from the point of view of the budget))

All large shopping in the family are made — apartment, machine, cottage, even underground machinery.

Behind the difficult times, the years where the family shut down every penny and all directed to the repayment of the mortgage — of course it is necessary and to be afraid. But with this income, this is quite compatible with investments.

So Andrei Investor without fanaticism decided to postpone on a million two hundred thousand a year (one hundred thousand each month). And for the remaining almost three million — buy a new jeep, ride with family in Thailand (when allowed) and order sushi.

Since Andrei-Investor (as well as the usual Andrey) is only forty-two years, he invests in the shares reinvesting dividends.

The full profitability index (with dividends) is historically about 15%. We give Andrei-investor a modest 10% per annum (just to not argue about the trifles and what is called «feel the difference»).

So, with such stock results, Andrei Investor received about 76 million in twenty years. (Just curious for reference — if we laid the historical 15% yield — the result would be 151 million).

At this stage, our Andrei-Investor is 62 years old. He invests his savings in some VPIF real estate and receives about 10% per annum on its 76 million. That is, a modest pension of 7.6 million per year. I think that both in our inflation and devaluation, 630 thousand per month he is enough to sit with the fishing rod at the country or even to visit the Thailand who loved him.

And what about our «just Andrey»? Which without the prefix «Investor» …

And he in 62 wore a rather miserable existence. Work a lawyer, since before, he can no longer — and the brains are no longer so quickly, and the employers do not believe in its speed. Therefore, he operates for a mocking school of an insignificant salary, which is constantly lacking for anything. And to retirement still far — the government retirement age up to 75 increased. And what will the pension be there — tears.

So he sold his chic jeep — all the same even on the rubber, a new money is not to scrape — and tries to tax on the cheaper Solaris to replenish the holey budget.

But it is already very difficult to tax at such a time — almost all orders are performed by robotic taxis, and crowds of hungry people are fighting for the remaining few clients who have not concerned in time to make investments.

Well, for many — this is their choice. Did not want to become