How many dividends can be obtained in the Russian market

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«One snowflake is not yet snow, not yet snow»

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I read my fellow bloggers — and I give Diva. Good people advise all the money in dividend shares. Even the apartment and the car some goodwire recommend selling. And why? Yes, it is stupid to keep money in apartments and cars of all sorts, if the shares can do you with dividends without any problems to bring ten percent per annum.

They say right and say «will receive ten percent percent percent for this money until the end of your days.» It sounds tempting. Gullible listeners may not belong to the apartment — the last to sell. Why do they need pants? They will be for dividends to live on the warm island, where everyone goes in shorts)))

Well, I, as a person, an incredulous and even burdened professional legal parancy, wanted to clarify two questions:

Where did these «Dividend Eldorado Witnesses» take their wonderful figures?

Why did the dividends be «guaranteed» payment, and even on such a unbarrous time?

Well, with the second question to me, you sorry the Odessa wording «everything is clear twice.»

First, it is clear as a lawyer

Secondly, it is clear as an investor.

Some companies pay dividends — others are not.

Some pay a lot — other few.

Some pay regularly — others from occasion. And those who pay regularly (and even, in the case of American companies, sometimes to decades) can be suddenly tied with this beautiful practice to one unlucky year. No guarantees. Absolutely.

OK, with the «stability» of the dividend stream, we figured out and obviously that a reasonable person would be extremely careful with such a source of income. As in terms of calculations on this source of income, and in terms of recommendations to friends to sell everything and count on «ten percent to the end of your days.»

Let’s figure it out with the number itself. And then I somehow do not care. What do I get so bad dividends? All smart people on the dividend yield less than 10% and watch do not want.

Oh, these magic and attractive «ten percent». You know — 9.99% — it is not at all something)))

So where did they come from? We immediately leave the western market alone — there they have not seen such dividend yield, probably since the «Golden Fever» on Klondike))

So, look at the Russian market.

On average, the dividend yield is much lower.

What does it mean? What do we understand if a person says that he intends to receive ten percent per year by dividends and no less?

Okay, I will not even criticize the approach to the choice of an action exclusively relying on dividends (although with such an approach it may be that in addition to energy and networks and to buy particularly no one). But let’s look for the dividend leaders — who is suitable for the «Decade Criteria».

If you drop out completely terminal stories like the central telegraph and Lenzoloto, then the dividend yield above 10% historically gave a lot of papers.

But our optimists are going to receive 10% forever — so you can consider that fewer issuers — only those who should give such a level of profitability in the next year (

Go. We are looking for companies with stable dividend payments at least 10% per year.



By the way — if you think that I will come for Severstal and NLMK — it is not at all. If you were quit — I would take dividends over the years before 2014. Just hint — dividends up to 4% have not reached for many years. And it was not bad for those times, by the way.


IDGC of Center and Volga region


Tatneft Pref.

Norilsk Nickel


According to other companies, less detail so that the text does not become infinite.

Surgutneefthaz Pref



SBB Pref

What are the conclusions?

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