How I got to life such

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Good afternoon, dear readers. My name is Alexander. I am 43 years old and 25 of them I worked as a corporate lawyer. I started in the dashing 90th lawyer on the tiny ohoshke, in the best years headed the legal department of one of the largest holdings in the country, and now I am leading a small private practice.

Thinking about the nerves and health, now for about a year, as I broke up with the office and threw the workbook in the distant box of the table.

I planned to earn a private legal practice and receive additional income on the securities market, which was to further become the basis of well-being for the future years.

Good earnings in previous years and great thrift allowed to scribe a good capital — now it’s time to invest.

Shares and bonds I, as a corporate lawyer of a large company, worked a lot at work, was interested in investment since 2005, so the theoretical base was accumulated, but what happened and it turns out in practice — I will tell on this channel. In this blog I will tell about my investments, luck and failures, I will share my thoughts on the market prospects and the like.

Why is the channel called a «unreal millionaire»? We’ll have to tell the story of this term.

At one corporate event, the jealous bankers jealously discussed their former colleague, who «left the Bank’s Invest in real business and now became a millionaire.»

My chef himself is far from a poor man, they asked: «What does he mean» he became a millionaire? » After all, each of you earns more than a million dollars a year? «.

Bankers looked at the chief, as at random, and explained: «We mean not a person who has a couple of pity million dollars, but a real millionaire.»

I wish all readers of my canal sooner or later become real millionaires. )))