How does an investor motivation change

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«The bad one who does not dream of becoming a general»

(C) folk wisdom

Recently discussed with his friend’s question of investment. Well, as «investment» — loudly said. More precisely, the question of the lack of investments.

And a million times collided with an objection — «I have nothing to invest.»

Hmm … where I already heard it))

Yes, everywhere.

From many.

Moreover, these people united very little — and the level of education was very different.

And the level of monthly income — from niking to fabulous.

And then you — and ending with the honors from MFTI and those who write the word «Ischo» with four mistakes — there is nothing to invest.

Moreover, both from twenty thousand rubles there is nothing to invest — and three million rubles per month can with difficulty to reduce the ends.

And I understood that, most likely, there are something in common with these people. But there must be something in common with those who save and invest.

What? And can a person from one state go to another?

I will start with the second question — maybe.

I watched it for more than once.

Someone starting the family with a family and begins to lead the budget.

Someone on the contrary — after the divorce three times earns and makes investments.

Many many in front of the pension are beginning to save to old age.

In any case, quite exactly what changes in the investment behavior of people occur during life are a fact.

And how do they occur? As a person moves in these stages (or in levels — as in a computer game, to whom what image is closer) Let’s see.

The very first stage is he and the most difficult. Another physics is known — peace friction is difficult to overcome. And from folk wisdoms — under the laying stone water does not flow.

So the very first stage in investments is savings. This stage is difficult for many reasons, and above all on the one that does not give any visual result. It is like a stage of a pit when building a house. You want a three-storey cottage, and you have to dig a pit.

So savings — no wonders and magic. We postpone the tenth of income and … and nothing … at first nothing happens. If a person has no habit of making savings and thrust to savings — then it is very difficult to motivate it on this stage. The only idea that I have is to motivate it to savings as a hygienic habit. Well, here he cleans his teeth every day — although no direct benefit does not feel every day. So the savings — must fit just in the habit, to be made easily and without suffering. From this point of view, the fact of regular «postponement» of money is more important than a specific amount (or a specific income percentage).

The main benefit for a person — the habit of saving. If a tenth of income cannot postpone — let him postpone the twentieth. Only regularly and neatly. Let it go into a habit — this is important for all of his future, as an investor.

At the first stage — accuracy to savings — the savings motivation most often «for a black day» or some specific items whose purchase of which a person has planned. It is not so important.

The main thing is the hygienic habit already arose. The teeth he cleans constantly and the money is postponing, too. Bingo

Move on.

The most difficult stage is passed — a person who has previously accustomed to spend everything (and then the loans to take) began to make savings. At first, the amount of savings was not very significant for him — the tenth of the monthly income, for example. But our novice investor continued to postpone the money. And so, the amount ceased to be funny for him — it was already the whole monthly income. But he also did not engage in accumulation, notice.

Such an amount just keep under the pillow — or on the map — our novice investor will already probably seem stupid. And he will begin to be interested in where it can be investing? Deposits, bonds, stocks — all this will cease to be a boring burner from the news — now it is important information, as its money can grow.

So, if at the first stage, our novice investor received only a good habit to postpone, and the motivation was — «for a black day», now he was interested in financial education. And the motivation of him is to preserve and increase savings.

After passing the second stage, our investor is already well oriented in the market, understands than the bond differs from the promotion and why the bonds of the sampling give a greater profitability than the Summer Deposit.

At this stage, the motivation of our investor changes again.

Remember how reluctant did he start to postpone ten percent of income? Then he did not understand that money could work on him, and not he for money, but now everything was changed.

Now the motivation of our investor is not «saving for a black day», but the formation of capital, which will feed himself and his children, and grandchildren. Now he does not only postpone the investment of thirty percent of earnings, but also actively looking for new partings — after all, now his work is not simply embodied in new clothes or devices. No, the motivation of our investor has changed.

Now each earned ruble brings him to the dream — to become