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As she began to discuss the new toys, Lara got heavier into her demo, now leaning back against the table and rubbing the vibrator over her chest.

Her nipples began to poke through her white quarter sleeve button down as she ran the vibrator back and forth over her tits.

Even my dear friend Lara was just watching with keen interest. This one was actually much larger than the last, and much fancier. I began to imagine how good it would feel to rub that monster all over my pussy, and I honestly began to get a little wet, feeling a nice tingle in my clit. I was thoroughly surprised, having never seen this side of her before.

It was a little surreal, seeing all these classy housewives watching the queen bee demonstrating a vibrator. Monica pulled out a couple more toys, a fat strap-on, and a double sided black dildo.

My husband and I recently moved into a rather posh neighborhood, in a brand new town. It was nice, having the support of a friend who understood.

Jason, my husband, received a new promotion, and off we went. Now I just had to get with the daunting task of meeting all the new mom's and helping my family to fit in with our new neighbors. (pilates junkie) She had silky blonde hair, straight as a pin, that hung down her back, with sunkissed skin. One day over coffee, she mentioned that another friend of hers, Monica, was having a catalog party while the kids were in school the next day.

I suddenly felt a pair of hands rubbing my shoulders softly, before leaning forward and going down my shirt. It was was Deb, a small Asian woman with beautiful eyes and long shiny black hair.

"Now ladies, as I take out each item, I'll give a brief demonstration, and then pass it around so that everyone has a chance to check out the merchandise." she said, her almond eyes gleaming.I understood completely, as my own pussy was becoming very saturated watching my friends performance.Monica finally stopped what she was demonstrating, and began to chuckle. " she said in a mocking tone, as she and Lara locked together in deep eye contact.A catalog party was usually housewares and what not though, so you can imagine my surprise when Monica pulled out a shiny, hot pink vibrator. " "I did, but I might need a new one." she replied, giving Monica a little wink.I blushed, shocked, at the unexpected turn the afternoon had just taken. "Starting to wear mine out." I could hardly concentrate on what she was saying.

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I looked around the room to see if anyone else had had my same reaction. She turned it on, and began bending it and waving it around in her hands.

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