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"I can't recall ever sharing my pain with another male friend or confiding in anyone that I was struggling to hold life together," he wrote in his book .

"At first the alcohol soothed the depression, making it at least somewhat bearable.

But the situation progressed into depressive-alcoholic binges in which I would withdraw like a hermit into my apartment." After treating his depression and alcoholism, Aldrin went on to serve as the chairman of the National Association of Mental Health.

Terry Bradshaw The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and current sports analyst faced battles off the field as well.

Tipper Gore The former second lady and author revealed in the late '90s that she suffered from depression but made a full recovery. Art Buchwald Known for his sharp wit in the syndicated columns he penned for The Washington Post, the humorist also dealt with depression and manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder), which landed him in the hospital in 19.

Gore sought medical treatment in order to deal with her illness, believed to be brought on by an almost-fatal car accident involving her son. He detailed his struggle with the illnesses in a 1996 interview on "Larry King Live," which generated more public interest than any show King had previously done.

After her character on her 1997 sitcom "Ellen" came out, De Generes received backlash in the public eye that left her mired in depression, W magazine reported.

Paige Hemmis The happy-go-lucky carpenter most famous for her pink tool belt and vivacious personality on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" wasn't always that way.

While filming the show, Hemmis found herself sleep-deprived, but not because she wasn't getting to bed on time.

But I got to learn how to sit back and watch other people and learn what judgment was and have compassion. I wanted to crawl up in a ball and climb in a hole and hide forever; I was embarrassed. Owen Wilson He may have a charismatic persona on screen, but the actor struggled with depression that ultimately led to a suicide attempt in 2007.

And learn that not only was I strong enough to make it in the first place, but I was strong enough to come back and make it again. Since then, Wilson has recovered from the incident, and while he hasn't spoken too much publicly about the experience, he's still gone on to claim a meaningful career, including starring in recent notable films like "Midnight in Paris" and "The Internship".

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