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So now I have 2 identical event listener (regardless if the other one doesn't work - only for Page B), 1 from within (internal) and 1 from external Are page A and page B both being added dynamically via Javascript? Because some libraries set hide page A instead of removing it right away, so the ID would still be in the page from page A.

I assume that the drop event fires when an element that is being dragged is releases above the target element, but this doesn't seem to the the case.

Hello Joseph, It is odd that this should behave inconsistently and I am trying to reproduce the scenario in order to inspect the issue, because all browsers behave the same way for me.

Before I reproduce the problem, I have no further guesses in addition to the first few.

I've double checked the code, and even copied and pasted from one that did work, but that last event handler just is not firing. I've since changed it to asp: Placeholder, but I don't think that addresses the issue of the code not executing. The Submit_Click event is never executed, even though it's explicitly set as the On Click handler for that button.

The page reloads when I click the button, but the Submit_Click function never executes. It looks interesting, but I dont' think I want to rewrite everything I just did. However, the first three buttons on the site all execute their handler when clicked. The Submit_Click event is never executed, even though it's explicitly set as the On Click handler for that button.

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Click, Address Of Wizard Button Click Next End Sub Public Sub Wizard Button Click(By Val Ctrl As Command Bar Button, By Ref Cancel Default As Boolean) handler. Tag) End Sub If you don't want to post to the newsgroup, e-mail to ar***********@nnospamm.I am writing a VS . I actually started writing the Addin in C# but changed to VB because the C# code couldn't fire events. ), but I think I am using it wrongly, because only the last registered button fires the event and only if it the button variable is declared as a class field (sorry if the term is incorrect, I am new to VB and .

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