25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Our couples for the weather fly»

(c) Boris Grinte, Anatoly Spivak

Finally, the dividends from Rusagro came. Without a small one and a half million rubles.

Honestly, I rejoiced like a child’s child. Making a big money had to earn me. And on the stock exchange too. But one thing is money to earn, albeit even speculation. With something completely different when you sit on my own, you do not blow to the mustache, and suddenly you drip such a sum at the expense. How to notice the grandfather Buffett «even a monkey will be able to get dividends»)))

As soon as it came to himself from the hugeness of this amount immediately began to think where to put it. Well, that is, before that, of course, I thought. And then it was already necessary to solve something.

Short sheet consisted of Gazprom, Rostelecom Pref, Sberbank Pref and Globaltrans.



So, since the chances of this wonderful women in all respects of women become a chancellor are estimated as real — I think that the chances of buying a Gazprom below today can also be assessed as real)) and — that’s what is interesting — Gazprom can go much lower, even if Annalane and Will not be a chancellor — only on one horror plate.

With Gazprom, this is not entirely clear to me: if Annala will fly past the Bundestag, then Gazprom will take advantage of new heights — here, as they say, «do not go to the fortuneteller». And if you do not fly? Gazprom, after all, technically for the winter «spread» Europeans for all gas from their underground storage. It is now profitable selling gas for good prices.

And he draws me that the profit in 2021 in Gazprom in any case will be good.

And now it is generously sharing a profit with us (you remember about the new dividend rules that have introduced a generous Gazprom directly from this year)? 50% profit under IFRS.

So there is such a version that Annalenna or not Annalenna — it is necessary to take Gazprom — next year there are two-digit dividends.

I, of course, against buying a Gazprom, so to speak «deeply personal» objection.

The fact is that I have now average in Gazprom — 153.

Such an average spoil — just a hand until it rises))

So we will wait until Annalan the price drops))

Rostelecom Pref.

So what came up with Sly Rostelecom? Instead of, as a savage, raise dividends for serious sums year after year, Rostelecom, several years paid exactly five rubles dividends, announced that then the next five years will pay 5% more dividends every year than in the previous one. No, this does not mean that he will pay 10% of dividends per share to pay 5% this year. This means that he will pay dividends in the amount (5 rubles plus 5% of five rubles).

That is, five rubles twenty five kopecks, a year later — five rubles fifty-one kopecks, etc.

According to Rostelecom’s management — «This corresponds to international practice.» It is so on «dividend aristocrats» hint if someone did not understand)) about the annual increase in dividends on some amount.

Well, what can you say here. No, it is still better than paying 5 rubles from year to year. But as a long-term dividend policy — this is close to «generosity» to interrao — dividends, as it were, they do not add paper.

So we came to the arguments to Globaltrans.


Actually, probably, it was now ready to take exactly such a role of the company — without expectations overstated from it.

The company is a low level of debt, contracts with large industrial enterprises (long-term contracts), a huge car park (more than 70 thousand cars).

Now the company is experiencing difficulties — a terrible 2020 year for it and 2021 can not have much better. The company reduced dividends against all the expectations of analysts and against its traditions. Shares fell — perhaps it is a good opportunity to gain them in a long time. And perhaps — it is worth the wait when they fall even lower — the times for the company have not yet been emphasized))

The company has a greater history of paying excellent dividends. The tradition, to which, in theory, the company should return when life returns to normal course.

It is not sedimed by the prospects of how the company can rise in price, but not visible the reasons why coal and steel can be moved in the depths of our country without railways — such as airships have not yet been especially mastered.

So I chose the purchase of shares of the globaltrans — a quiet and peaceful company, lacking stars from the sky and never planning them. Just another «dividend cow» in the herd, dividends from which should bring the moment when it is possible to become a real millionaire))