25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«I would know the bite — I would live in Sochi»

(C) folk wisdom

It seems that God does not want a simple Russian investor at once disappointed in the stock market.

It is clear that the young investor is a gravity, like Lan, and if it is not to put it off immediately with a stable course growth of shares and high dividends — it can escape back to deposits, only we have seen it.

But the market — did not give up.

If you look at the most popular Shares in the Mass Investor — Gazprom and Sberbank (I will consider here together and prefs, and a regular one) — then these shares together take more than a third in the «People’s Portfolio».

Well, with a savage, everything has long been clear, he only pleases the «national investor» — and it grows as a bamboo and diiva he has excellent. And what about Gazprom?

And Gazprom, guys, is now going to show the entire market that Khrushchev from the UN Tribune promised to show the Americans (I don’t know whether it is possible, on Zen, so to be expressed here, after all, not UN))

Turned over a truck with gingerbread on the street of a simple Russian investor, speaking of our ancestors.

Not in vain, a simple investor believed in Gazprom for many years and folded his shares of the thing to the thing into his «People’s Portfolio».

Do you think about the «truck with gingerbread» — exaggeration?

Judge for yourself.

See what we get:

Dividends Gazprom distributes from this year under the new rules. 50% of net profit. We remember this moment

2020 — not at all indicative. Now the numbers returned to normal. Let’s see the normal year. 2019. How much does Gazprom earned? About 1.2 trillion rubles net profit. 30% went on the diva. Dividends then amounted to 15 rubles with kopecks. When distributing 50% for dividends, it would be 25 rubles of dividends.

Are you interested after reading item 2? But let me add cheese to this sandwich — the dollar has grown. Gas price — for all forecasts will be higher than 2019 significantly (internal — already raised, export — in all estimates above essentially). In short — I am humanitarian and not the master. Let’s assume that Gazprom will work, due to the price of gas and exchange rate percentage of 10-30 more. Plus-minus kilometer, I say — I’m not an auditor. Briefly speaking. What would you say next year about the dividends of rubles at 30 more ??? In my opinion — the same song)))

Well, the cherry on the cake, for impatient speculators — you guess that the price of shares at such a turn of events is also there will not be in place)))

Yes, why am I writing in the epigraph about the bite?

In the council two cards. So they were played in favor of Gazprom shares on the full program.

The first is the northern stream -2.

Biden surrendered. «Hooray, we break, bent the Swedes» (c) gas pipeline be.

And the second is dividends.

Well, who would tell me in the fall, that Gazprom will be 50% of the profits to distribute — I would never sell it))

And so — the second coming of Gazprom in my portfolio is coming. I think this time he came not to dominate)) the company with such dividend politics the hand will not rise))

Although … «Lisa chickened to steal»))

Well, a few thoughts for «Gazpromosptics» — and there are many of them on the expanses of our homeland in general and Zen in particular.

In general, the epigraph of the article could be a quote from Slepakov song «I want to be a shareholder of Gazprom’s shareholder))

And even a Gazprom has long been not OJSC, but my desire to be his shareholder is great, more than ever.

And now what an interesting observation.


So it seems that «People’s Portfolio» — he is not so simple. There are «ancestors this wisdom of people».

At least — my portfolio is gradually approaching it.

I look and surprise:

Sber in the folk portfolio is full — and in mine enough.

Polymetal and there, and there in honor.

Now there will be almost parity in Gazprom))

It remains or for me to believe that Aeroflot will still fly, or the «People’s Investor» in Rusagro believes)) Then it will practically it turn out that the «people and the party are united»)))

In the meantime — the next stop is Gazprom. We are waiting for the completion of the northern flux 2 and began an infinite generous dividend flow, which many of our compatriots will support retirement, and someone — what the hell is not joking — can do