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The importance of the priesthood grew with the extension of the mysteries, which were embodied especially in the Orphic and Eleusinian cults.Sacrifices were always accompanied with prayers, for which as the expression of their religious sentiments the Greeks showed a special preference.Modern zealots for Buddhism declare with increasing boldness since Schopenhauer, that what they chiefly desire is a religion without dogma and without an alien redeemer, a service without a priesthood.It will therefore perhaps appear all the more extraordinary that Buddhism, in consequence of the efforts of the reformer Thong-Kaba, has developed in Tibet a formal hierarchy and hierocracy in Lamaism (Lama=Brahma).In ancient times the fire-altars were placed in the open air, and preferably on the mountains, but the modern Parsees have special fire-temples.

The same remarks apply with even greater force to Buddhism which, through the reform introduced by King Asoka (239-23 B. As this reform inaugurated the reign of Agnosticism, Illusionism, and a one-sided morality, the Brahminic priesthood, with the decay of the ancient sacrificial services, lost its If there be no eternal substance, no Ego, no immortal soul, no life beyond, the idea of a God, of a Redeemer, of a priesthood forthwith disappears.We can only suppose that the founder Thong-Kaba was educated by a Catholic missionary.Of modern Hinduism, Schanz draws a gloomy picture: "In addition to Vishnu and Siva, spirits and demons are worshipped and feared. The temples are often built near lakes because to all who bathe there Brahma promises forgiveness of sin.The Buddhist redemption is merely an ascetical self-redemption wrought by sinking into the abyss of nothingness (Nirvana).The bonzes are not priests in the strict sense; nor has Buddhist monasticism anything beyond the name in common with Christian monasticism.

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