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JB My Great Grandfather thought so, but he voted for Democrats too, so not sure if it's a valid assessment. A few with factory barrels, a few with JES Rebored barrels (Best deal going... 9g under a 250 bullet od 20-1 lead will shoot tiny groups out of all my 38-55 rifles. One problem with this caliber is obtaining the proper size bullet size die.

Me, I'd really like one of those Lyman Sharps in .38-55, or maybe a Cimmaron Hi Wall, magic or not. I had so much fun figuring out how to load for this cartridge ... Get an old 32 or 30-30 rifle, send it to Jes with 5 and receive back a cut rifled and chambered barrel that shoots tacks! The Lyman Mini Sharps needs a .381 bullet, the JES barrels like .376 my Winchester (Japan) Sporter like a .378 and my Uberti 1885 likes a .379......... The biggest Lyman makes is .379 so, if you have a rifle with a .379" groove diameter you have to get a die custom made.

Another point of confusion is not in the cartridge but in the rifles chambered for it.

Shooters, to this day, are still discussing chamber dimensions and case length.

the enjoyment of that pursuit alone was worth the purchase of the rifle. Black powder is extremely accurate, but not with hard sourced bullets with smokeless lube. I like to size a bullet .002" over groove diameter.

My understanding of the physics involved in firearms grew exponentially after this pursuit. Moreover, it may be difficult to get a mould that will throw a bullet large enough to even be sized to .378-.379"-especially using an alloy of .

Although the cartridge was intended to be a true 38 caliber, the grooves varied from .377 up to .382, with most rifles being around .379.I haven't shot jacketed bullet in the 38-55 since that time. Also watched those Shutzenfesters shoot little groups with lead bullets, fixed ammo or breach seated.I have shot only factory cowboy loads about 10 yrs ago. I have been a 38-55 shooter since the turn of the century, 21st that is.I have measured by chamber cast the 8 rifles in 38-55 in my safe and all are within the above specifications. covering over a hundred years2001 being the new and 1897 the oldest. have not changed in factory made guns although private parties can and do order special chamber reamers to any dimension.On game, the old cartridge performs all out of proportion to what the on paper specifications would lead one to believe. I shot only lead bullets out of my Marlin Cowboy .38-55 and a Uberti 1885 Hi wall in that caliber.

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Quartering toward me at around 25-30 yds and punching right through the deer.

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