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(Sorry) I found that, with Lily’s help, I was picking up Spanish quickly. I guess you did okay.” I let out my breath with relief. Mom said she’d send it to Kendal so she could forward it to whoever wanted to see it for football recruiting.

I would have to really knuckle down and study so I could take it again. “It says if you’re above 1900 you’re in the 90th percentile.

I expect there will be further internal investigations, and there will be training and counseling for the force,” she said. The problem is that none of the men they suspect has ever had their DNA tested.” “So, why don’t they just take his DNA and test it? His dad would stop any attempt to take it against his will. I think if he had his way, we’d have our National Guard roaming the streets enforcing an after-dark curfew,” he complained.

“Hola, Lily,” I said, as I plopped down in the seat next to her. Don’t ever lose your point of view, it’s refreshing,” Ian said. I know my grandfather had never wanted to move up in office because he felt he would have too many people telling him what to do. I guess we should figure something out,” I admitted. If you didn’t want to travel so far, you could do the Caribbean,” Ava suggested. Well, wasn’t that a kink in my plans to plunder his daughter for a full week. The next thing I knew, the girls in the band all came over to get a group shot. They had chairs set up behind the speakers, and Max pointed to one next to Betty, the governor’s wife. Dixon were also on stage, so they got good seats to hear the senator and the governor give their fiery speeches to encourage everyone to get out and vote in the upcoming primary. I looked in my packet and saw that I had a room to myself.

“Hola jefe, es un placer verte.” (Hey boss, it is a pleasure to see you.) “¿Por qué ... From what I’d been told, he was a real power broker and seemed to get a lot done for the people he represented. “I hear you and Brook want to spend spring break, diving.” I looked in the rearview mirror to see how Brook wanted to handle it. I glanced in the mirror and I could tell that was the first Brook had heard of these plans. Remember that you might need me to like you at some point,” she teased. We did a couple, and then I pulled up Brook and all the volunteers for some photos. We have a special treat before our governor and Senator Dixon talk. “We had a great time, and you were a fantastic crowd,” Jett said. I smiled because that was the same song they’d played when I was a guest on The Talk, a daytime TV show. I went up to Jett and danced with her as she sang, Yeah, do it for your people Do it for your pride How you ever gonna know if you never even try? Max rounded us all up after the rally to tell us what our marching orders were. “If the press approaches you, please refer them to me if it’s about the campaign. There was also an invitation for a private get-together tonight in the governor’s suite. I was happy to see the campaign team had taken all my boxes of photos. I watched her interview, and made some mental notes to help her get better.

You received a 695 in Math and 715 for your Writing section. I guess the reading section score was wrong,” Mom said.

I decided to be evil and see how committed they were. It was nice to see her in normal mode as opposed to scary-lawyer mode. Then another group of college students came in and we were busy again. I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing this band perform. The plan was for the girls to play for thirty minutes and then the politicians would talk. “Now, I want you to put your hands together for someone I think of as a friend. Please give a warm Northern Illinois welcome to David A. Do it for your country Do it for your name ‘Cause there’s gonna be a day... I saw Governor Higgins and Senator Dixon talking in the wings, watching us. “I have a packet for each of you with an itinerary for the rest of the weekend. Brook had told me we’d handed out over 500 of them tonight. She said she’d take my parents to the hotel, because Jett wanted to ride with us. Angel was watching like a hawk, but had a big smile when it was done.

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I would get frustrated because I tended to have a lot of ‘uhms’ thrown in as I thought about what to say. “They say you agreed to be the lead in the play if I was going to do it as well,” Halle said, as she fixed me with a stare. “Why do I think we just got roped into doing more than we planned? Ian came out of the house pulling two roller bags and a garment bag. I jumped out to help him load his and Ava’s luggage. “They’ve been in production only a few years, and only a little over 400 have been built. They retail just north of a hundred and sixty thousand when new.” Brook and Ava came out with a cooler filled with drinks and snacks, along with Brook’s roller and garment bags. The Ford had a built-in navigation system, but Ian said he knew where we were going. I also didn’t take the time to go around the room and meet everyone.

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