Financial pyramids.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Ah, it’s not difficult to deceive me! ..

I myself deceive glad. «

(C) A.S. Pushkin

Recently, I read Materials about the victims of the next financial pyramid — Finiko. A terrible impression. But not quite unequivocal.

As in the old anecdote:

«What are contradictory feelings?

This is what you experience when your mother-in-law falls into the abyss on your Volga.

Here are the same contradictory feelings and the topic of today’s article is the financial pyramids and their victims.

On the one hand, of course, sympathy. People lost money. Moreover, many have lost all savings, and someone and in loans wrestle. It will be now for many years to pay for this error. And it is possible to pay, and the whole family will suffer.

And on the other hand, indignation. Well, as possible in our time to become a victim of the financial pyramid ???

It seemed to me that the golden time of financial pyramids in our country was irrevocably rushed into the fly. What vaccination from greed and nonsense Mmm Russians did. And then all the «unearned» Hoper and Selenga looked off from rapid investments.

It seemed — all. End of the history of «Maurodikov», but no.

New and new generations of «deceived depositors» are taken from somewhere, as if the mythical Lerneysian hydra is growing new heads on the spot of chopped.

Where are the pyramids of all new and new victims? Where do these people come from? Do they fall from the moon? Nothing heard about MMM and other fraudsters? We arrived from a uninhabited island, where there was no internet, nor, even, radio communications? And the arrival from this island, they immediately went to the office of the next pyramid (sometimes on the way they still looked into the office of the bank — to take a loan to attribute fraudsters not only their money, but borrowed)?

This question I wanted to disassemble in the article and discuss with readers in the comments. «Where do the victims of financial pyramids come from?»

And the question is divided into my opinion on several questions less:

Here in these three questions I will try to figure out and draw conclusions.


So. The question is the first:

There is such a problem — neither one pyramid is not written «Welcome to the Financial Pyramid». On the contrary, they are all trying to depict decent financial organizations from themselves, and use new and new ways to lure depositors.

For example — Cashbury actively used in their advertising stars (after all, our people believe that the stars of fraudsters will not advertise), and the finiko tried to promote himself by multi-level marketing — that is, people believed not abstract offenders from Finiko, but their friends, familiar, neighbors etc.

So it turns out that the wolf always comes in sheep skins. Moreover, it is often in a new skin, and people do not compare past pyramids with new ones.

Let us turn to the second question. He, I think the most important thing.

«How do people believe in a guaranteed 240 +% per annum?»

Here, it seems to me, there is a conflict of financial literacy with psychology. A modern person is ready for the fact that the world will make him a gift. Modern man psychologically prepare for this since childhood.

Everything begins with Harry Potter, which becomes the coolest wizard, not because it worked most at school.

With all sorts of heroes of comic, who receive super supports by no means for any merits, but simply because «Favorites».

Continues in adulthood by trainings and mantras in style

And in the end, when a person faces fraudsters offering him to invest for 240% per annum, then a person does not have a question: «Why do they offer this happiness to me?» For this question, a person has a long time ago — «Because he is worth it!» «Let others hide at work for a modest salary in the sweat of the person — he is chosen! He will invest in finiko and get rich! «

So the situation issued to the epigraph arises. A person is not difficult to deceive when he has long been psychologically prepared for this deception and does not critically perceive what is happening.

No questions:

The person does not have the feeling of the abnormality of what is happening — on the contrary, the whole life was not normal. It was not normal that he was

And the financial question «Where does the pyramid itself take these 240% per annum?» Not very worried about the new investor. He is content with some vague explanations of the pro are over a successful trading, then about cryptocurrency. It is not so important for him — the main thing is that he is still 240% per annum — here it is, a dream.

Well, and most incredulous and doubting

So, if one of the future victims of the pyramid will show durability and at first does not want to follow the example of his friends and acquaintances, then in a month or another, looking like familiar row money shovel, eyes and such a cautious person flared up and he rushes after everyone . And how to catch up and caress the benefits? Well, a clear thing — a loan to take more and invest in the pyramid.

That’s how it all turns to the most inevitable collapse.

Okay, let’s go to the third question.

«Is there any absolutely illiterate financial people carry money into financial pyramids?»

As it turned out — definitely no, not only illiterate.

First, there are people who relate to financial pyramids as a lottery — they understand that the case will end inevitable collapse, but they hope to «catch to jump out.» It is impossible to call investments such people in investments, but they, at least, realize that they play a dangerous money game — and play with fraudsters.

Secondly, yes, there are absolutely not understanding, what they got involved. It is amazing — but the fact.

And thirdly, there is a very interesting category of people who, judging by their interview, are fully owned by financial literacy. But these basics of financial literacy did not save these people from participating in the financial pyramid.

In an interview, such people said that they knew what Iis was (!!!), they know that the finiko does not have a license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (!!!), but it seems to them that they are invested in IIS and ordinary financial instruments Low-time, but the lack of a license of the Central Bank is absolutely not scarecrow.

Well, what can I say? Just repeat the old wisdom again

Turning to the conclusions.

Remember, no company is thereby

It is people who buy for their own money (without a leverage) shares of reliable, stable, profitable companies, for long-term, will be gradually (perhaps and not very fast) to rich. And over time, some of them will definitely become