Error validating client secret

Error validating client secret

To fix it, I just manually copied the ID and secret from my web.config into my .pubxml file.

Now…my guess as to why I think it happens (I deleted some stuff before I could actually verify this), I think when you have that box checked in the wizard when targeting 4.5.2, Visual Studio creates a new application definition in Azure AD, and then pulls in the client ID and secret from it into the publishing wizard.

When targeting 4.52 the wizard includes a checkbox that says “Enable Organizational Accounts”. I always uncheck it because my “organizational account” configuration is completed when I’m building and testing the application.

When targeting 4.61 I no longer see this option in the UI.

If meta-type is sessionid Test Drive will populates this parameter with a unique session id during deployments, which is a GUID value.

If you want, you can specify default Value for any parameter, as it can be useful for template debugging.

error: /auth/facebook/callback Facebook Token Error: Error validating verification code.

Timestamp: 2016-12-14 Z : Resource ID=3ef05b46-fe2a-4d2e-8923-f81daedad301 : Primary Credential ID=44886b65-d674-4ab4-bbfd-61d2ec34fd16 : Resource Audience=00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000/[email protected]

You know it works fine when you run it on your local machine, so how can it be invalid?

This is the question that plagued me for a couple of days before I finally had the time to completely unwind it.

OAuth2Strategy._create OAuth Error (/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook/node_modules/passport-facebook/node_modules/passport- oauth2/lib/strategy.js:3) at /node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook/node_modules/passport-facebook/node_modules/passport-oauth2/lib/strategy.js:1 at /node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook/node_modules/passport-facebook/node_modules/passport-oauth2/node_modules/oauth/lib/oauth2.js:1 at pass Back Control (/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook/node_modules/passport-facebook/node_modules/passport-oauth2/node_modules/oauth/lib/ oauth2.js:123:9) at Incoming Message.

Back to my old nemesis…the long very long blog post title. You do your thing, you build your web site, you test it locally, you can authenticate and everything works fine – great!

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Storage/storage Accounts", A secret is the Authentication key from the Service Principal, what needs to happen is to simply regenerate your authentication key as it has gone invalid.

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