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kumar slowly went near her and touched her cunt which is ver smooth. he tried to push his finger in the cunt for which she got up and puuled kumar on her. padma kept her hand on the rock hard cock and opened the buttons.

the long shaft has come out and she started fondling it and thereby it became more hard and long. kumar unable to control and thrown her on the bed and pushed his long cock in her pussy.


So ravi asked her to stay there only as he will come back in 2 days time. His mother-in-law is staying alone as her husband died long back leaving her and daughter Padma. When Ravi reached the place Swati has invited Ravi .

they always take bath at a time and he enjoys sex there only .

Ravi has gone to the office and returned in the evening.

I am 5.9 inches height, 72 kg and fair in complexion. I informed the new house owner about my bhabi and said that she will come when ever she wanted. One big hall with all the furniture, bed room with all the cup boards well furnished and kitchen with all the equipment needed accept the gas stove and utensils. At 7.15 I heard the some one knocking at the door and went eagerly to open the door as it would be my bhabi. I said you are always beautiful and said that you will bring beauty to the clothes by wearing them. After dinner she was looking through the windows that are passing on the road. I hugged her from behind by running my hands around her belly and kissed her on the neck. She removed my shot and I was in my underwear before her.

she is moaning with full joy and talking all sorts apraises to him. At the place of Ravi his father came to ravi's place and understood that he has gone to his in-law's place on office duty. Kumar went into the bath room and there he had noticed that the bath room does not have the inside lock. At last I found a house which was one and half kilometer from my brother’s house. I knocked the door and gave her the saris and flowers which I bought for her. She was looking gorgeous in the silk sari with those flowers in the hair. Any one who sees her like that would like to hug her. I just followed her seeing her back especially her butts which are moving in rhythm. She was in front of me showing her treasure over her blouse and petticoat. I removed her flowers from the hair and thrower them on the bed. Our family went to see the woman that my brother is going to marry. Due to this I could feel her breasts on my back lightly. My brother came from and congratulated me for getting a job. I used to say my experience to my bhabi after I returned from the office. Before he was leaving he called me and informed me to take other house as I got the job and asked to come on Saturdays and Sundays as it was holidays on those days. Now I have to search a house which was near to my brother’s house as I want to see my bhabi every day. So I went and bought 2 saris of which one is silk sari which I bought for her. By the time I returned she took her bath and waiting for me in my bedroom to change the sari.here father in law fucked daughter in law and there mother in law was fucked by son in law. I took my bhabi to buy the things necessary for the kitchen and a bed necessary for the bed room and a TV. As it was a 2 hour movie we came out soon and went to restaurant to have dinner. I asked her to stay her for 2 days as it was weekend. She didn’t say anything but placed her hands over mine. My penis wants to tear the under wear and come out. As her bra hooks are front I removed them facing her. Her beautiful breasts are in front of me asking me to touch them. I started to lick her breasts one after another and bite them keeping them between my front teeth.

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he has ejaculated heavy loads on her cunt and stomach.

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