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In my mind, most humans are basically bisexual, it just depends where on the spectrum you fall in terms of how you define your sexual orientation.Similarly, we’re probably all on an omnivore continuum, with some of us falling firmly on the carnivorous end and others of us way down on the other end of the line very much in vegetarian or even vegan territory.Becoming educated about where our food comes from has changed me. We eat mostly veggies at our house, but sometimes I get a real craving for a thick steak, my parents’ favorite meal, their favorite comfort food.I don’t act on the craving, especially after watching Food, Inc., but I think it’s alright to “cheat” once in a while.

Mollie describes herself as a “meat nibbler,” and Deborah’s not opposed to the occasional piece of grass-fed, local beef.Mollie supports the Meatless Monday campaign and both believe most meat eaters would do well to eat less animal and more plant foods.Eating meat after years — or even a lifetime — of a solely plant-based diet seems to be something of a trend.Especially in my hometown, Sydney, because — news flash — fabo fish to be had Down Under peeps. Some 20 years ago I introduced the man who would become the father of my child to the virtues of a vegetarian diet. My 11-year-old kid has never, ever eaten an ounce of animal flesh. I’m no zealot.) My blog is called — duh — Lettuce Eat Kale. My friend Connie was a vegetarian — until she got pregnant with her first kid 16 years ago.So how to explain the recent chicken sandwich obsession? Then it was off to the steak house for her and she’s never looked back.

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Her descriptions of buying, prepping, and cooking meat resonate with me because I haven’t actually ever gone and purchased a chicken or, um, chicken bits and made dinner. Clearly, I have some conflicted feelings about my dietary changes. For the record, I seem to have no desire to move on to “harder” meats, like beef, pork, or lamb. I suspect it’s a way for many of us to remain in denial about where meat actually comes from.) Speaking of denial: No pics of meat in this post! And I’ve never had any interest in eating creatures I see on hiking trails such as ducks, rabbits, quail, deer, elk, and the like.

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