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The PR3 does write to and read from the sound patterns of any Sound FX sound decoder.In addition the PR3 can write to and read from any CV of most current non sound mobile and function decoders found in today's market place.The PR3 is the most economical computer Interface we offer, it has all the functionality of a PR2 and a MS100 combined in one.Finally it functions on the more modern USB 2.0 interface making it easier to connect and more friendly to newer PCs.The "Loco Net termination" mode of the PR3 allows the unit to connect to other modules without needing a command station, when there is no requirement for DCC track packets. KB195 PR3 - Hardware Setup Sound Loader and PR3 have been tested to work on PC compatible computers running at 550MHz and up with Windows XP or Vista, 512MB of RAM.In this mode you can interface to a PC and add units like DS64's with control of turnouts and detection (BDL168) and signals (SE8) without needing to run DCC track control or decoders. Other combinations of hardware and software such as Windows 98 may also work, but are not supported by Digitrax, and have not been tested to operate properly.KB172 PR3 - General Applications What are the most common applications for the PR3?1) Stand alone Sound FX programmer As a bench tool the PR3 is the first USB and second device designed by Digitrax for the programming of the Sound FX sound decoder.

Within about a second the Green "USB" led on the PR3 should glow steady green showing a USB connection has been established with the MAC.

2) Digitrax command station Loco Net to Computer interface As a layout control tool the PR3 is a second generation ...

KB169 PR3 Operational Modes What are the different operational modes available in the PR3?

PR3 probably cannot be connected to the side Loco Net jack of the UP5.

The documentation for the UP5 includes this phrase: "There is an additional jack on the side of the UP5 that can be used for either an additional throttle or for a single Loco Net device that does not use Rail Sync." KB173 PR3 - Operating as a Loco Net Terminator Just wondering if i can get clarification regarding using the PR3 as a standalone Loconet Terminator.

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The beta testers cannot confirm that every computer with the above limitations will function properly with the PR3 and Sound Loader software.

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