Do not be afraid to invest in children.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«There is no pocket in the coffin»

Folk wisdom

The average age of buyers of luxury cars in Germany is strongly in 60. And the fault of this not only increased life expectancy.

The relationship between parents and children in many families weakens. Children do not want to «indulge». Oh, no, children to pour badly. Better aged «Racer» will buy Ferrari himself))

And such views are found not only in the situation with excesses, which, of course, can be attributed to the purchase of Ferrari. I am a single father myself, I have a son for 20 years. I listen to me the parents of the peers of my son around me — and amazed by their «thrifty wisdom.»

If you listen to, then you can not buy a child a car — any, even Hyundai Solaris, even the old Zhiguli — «It spoils the child» or that better «in our years there was no such years.»

And what to say about the purchase of an apartment with a matured child so that he does not start life from «zero.» Here, the majority of parents begins strange conversations about the benefits of the «teachment to independence» by settlement of the child in a hostel or how disciplines the young family inexperial mortgage))

Guys, as Mkrtchyan said, «I tell you one smart thing I will say, you can not hesitate» — To avoid children, it’s a lot of money. What makes you think that satisfaction of quite normal life needs — in housing, for example — fixed, on a second, already in the Constitution — is it some kind of incredible luxury and pellery?

I think that in our difficult times and in our most (unfortunately) rich (not for resources, but for per capita) country, very few parents actually have at least some kind of risk to spoil the child. The overwhelming majority, in fact, clamped between two possibilities —

Give the child too little

At least at least to give the child a «ticket to life».

Correspondence type: If you give a child an apartment and a car, then he will not have goals in life — well, this is such a level of planning horizon, with which even argue funny.

Guys, look at the Kennedy clan. The father of a misfortune of smiling John Kennedy was a US senator. And what do you think — he had to give young John Pendel and send him into adult life with a hole in his pocket ??? SHAZZZ. He tried to «suck» John as high as possible on the social staircase. It was not about just to give a little John education, not just giving an apartment, the car and pocket money — no guys. Dad tried to help John and his brother Bobby become senators of the United States. Do you know why?

Dad John Kennedy, unlike many Russian (and not only Russian) modern parents knew — a social staircase — she is very long. Do not worry, guys — no matter how high you did not attach your offspring — even in a luxurious leather chair of the US senator — he will still grow to grow.

And do not tell about the fact that «an adult child must earn himself.» This is nonsense from the times of agricultural society. Now socio-economic maturity comes much later than biological. This is before the boy, having joined the adolescence, could already keep a plow on the field and horns on the hunt — which means it was able to extract a piece of bread. Now everything is going on a little longer. And if you want the same conditional «Boy» to be left forever by courier, it is necessary to give him the opportunity to develop and receive education. And all this time it is economically independent. These are the laws of modern society. I did not come up with them — and deny this objective economic reality is just as stupid how to argue with the objective reality of gravity.

Especially insulting to read about neglecting with their parental responsibilities from those who can really help. Actually, why did this post arose.

Famous blogger, I will not show your finger, writes that his daughter received a «excellent education.» I wanted to clarify — what is this «excellent education», which only ending 11 grades daughter was able to get so quickly? And it turned out (quote)

Guys, someone will say that I hopelessly outdated and lagged behind — but it is not an education. This is a set of skills that the person gets is unavailable. And the person is trying to survive with these skills, earning himself on the fact that heats the tattoo bikers on the fifth point. Respect and respect for a person who does not despair without having access to education, but trying to break through in life. But here we write about another case,

«All works are good, choose to taste,» Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky wrote, but I would personally prefer it, if there is a choice and dad millionaire, the fifth points of bikers do not taste, and get some more prestigious and highly paid profession .

«There are no institutions for the sake of a crust.»

«Crust», damn … For the sake of the crust of bread will have to work a tattoo master. And at the Institute (Having Pope Millionaire) you can become, for example, a lawyer. I will write only about what I know does not appear. The first year lawyer receives from 24 to 60 thousand dollars a year in good international legal entity. If you really invested in your child, and did not quiet over their gratuit, like it is his level.

Transfer to the familiar language of the monthly salary —

Having received five years of experience — from 350 thousand to 700.

Having received 10 years of experience — from 850 thousand to 1,500,000.

It is only in the best law firms where only those who have received a better education fall, and the English should own as a relative.

To do this, you had to invest in a child from early childhood:

Perhaps I had to pay for the language kindergarten,

Perhaps give a bribe for admission to an excellent special school.

It is possible to pay trips to England and the United States to the language summer schools.

Perhaps — give a bribe upon admission to the university.

Perhaps paying for the university.

And then — oh, miracle! Your graduate has not only a «crust», but also a salary of 300 thousand rubles.

And you can, of course, having a million dollars of capital, declare that the ability to draw tattoos is an excellent education, a child will not die with him with hunger, and on it to consider your parental debt. Everyone decides how much he must be his children.

Of course, not everyone has a million dollars — but everyone, in my opinion, can try. With the similar income level, the Chinese family will send his child to England to the University, and our will announce that it is not available to it. Because for the Chinese, education and the future of children are the highest priority, and for our parents usually priority — their own interests, no matter how much they tell the opposite.

Only one thing I want to add — investments in children have one feature — do not wait for them to return. They do not return to you. This is your investment. So the world is arranged. This is a cycle of life. They will return in the form of investments that your children will do in your grandchildren))

Do not be afraid to invest money in your children. And do not wait for the return of these investments. It is impossible to think exclusively about yourself. Do not be egoists. Just experience the joy of the fact that thanks to you your children and grandchildren will get a chance to become