25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Drop on a drop and stone is hammering»

(c) folk wisdom

Wanted instead of the «domino principle» to write about the dividend avalanche, but the conscience did not allow. The image would be, of course, much brighter, but still too «embellished» would be reality. Avalanche is all the same about some nemery power, such dividends so that the avalanche form, probably, only buffett gets)).

So what about our domino.

In the absence of the best ideas and, in anticipation of two things, immediately — the arrival of the money and the dividend season — I thought about the order of the upcoming procurement.

And, by the way, is it time to argue about purchases now? Maybe, «

The guys who glorify the idea of entering the cache, one funny thing is missed — the times of the Golden Standard have long passed.

And then the Golden Standard, you ask? I will explain.

There is a bubble on the market. This is true. He will make immense emissions of money (mostly bucks, by the way), which comes from 2009. From the same 2009 — bubble. Did not pay attention to the date? Caught — what would you like to sit in cache since 2009? Inflation — even in dollars, official — from the moment under 20 percent total.

By the way about real inflation — good people recently calculated inflation in the United States according to the methods of 1980 — it was about 10% in 2020. But after all, the masters of digital acrobatics are in the statistical departments of all countries — so and the United States has long changed the methodology for calculating inflation — and on new estimates in 2020 inflation about 2%. The beauty. Well, just like in the old cartoon «in parrots you are much longer.»

So the exit to the cache — when this most cache is all the countries of the world make a chance, the pace, which the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe, taken together, did not dream, this is a very careless decision. You can stay with the full pockets of this cache.

No, well, if you, this time, a crystal ball rightly said that the fall of the markets will be tomorrow — then to go to the cache — this is a super timely and earn on the buying of fallen assets like no other. And if not exactly and not tomorrow … then just remember — those who predicted that the collapse will happen in 2009 — they, too, not stupid people, and the arguments they also had serious. Simply, the world has not yet seen such flooding with money, so no one will give an exact forecast for tomorrow.

Well, oh well, we will assume that about the fact of procurement — agreed. Now on issuers.

And now the issuers draws such a procurement order (based on my «Short of Sheet» for the purchase and dividend calendar) which I called «Domino Principle». Logic is simple, for sure, how good, long before me already invented.


In April, Rusagro (give him a health god) must squeeze 5.5% of dividends to its shareholders. If by that time everything goes well, then I hope that from the chain hands of the Absolute of the Bank, I still will be able to rescue my money. In this case, by April dividends, I would like to increase the Rusagro portfolio to 10 million rubles. The figure would be the same charming round, as piglets on Rusagro farms))

Next in May, the polymetal must pay something about 4.4% of dividends (I do not like black humor — but if the course of the shares will also continue to fall, then the percentage of dividends may be in area 5 without a change of amount)))

All this is good — the agromeaded dividends of Rusagro and Polymetal — I plan to send the privileged shares of the Sber. In general, there is a desire to procure the very dividend cut-off to their very dividend tube, if only they will not show an insane jump now, but it seems that there should not be — on the threats of sanctions can also seek.

Where does such an unhealthy appetite from the prefam, you ask? So after all, with a high probability, the Sber is going to repeat last year’s attraction of unprecedented generosity — with a distribution of 18.7 rubles on paper. And spend it right in summer, without postponing until October. It turns out that I was going to buy a savings in case — well, what is the case be better than the one when you promise 7% after 4 months? Here is such a «cachek» from the green bank)))

I understand what exactly on such as I was zada, this acceptor is designed. But, I admit — it worked for me trouble-free.

I see my endless stripper stripping more and more reminds the old German fairy tale «selling a goose — buy a piglet.» Only I do not sell anything — I buy everything and buy. Wait, we are close to the end, another minute of patience.

After receiving the delicious dividends of the Sberrium in June, I will remind you that if everything goes as they promise — it will be a repetition of the most large dividends in the history of the bank — I will begin the race for the new Issuer — RusHydro.

RusHydro plans to pay dividends in October, and this time excellent 7% are expected to the current price.

Did you notice how kind one «domino» in this dividend season pushes another? In fact, in a difficult accumulation for the purchase of the main «heroes» — Sber and RusHydro — I will help me on the road with our payments for many more young good guys — Sovkomflot, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, NMTP, Severstal (it will even have time to pay dividends — in June and September ). Actually, and Polymetal in September promises to still raise money to shareholders. So the dividend season can end in autumn on a very positive note.

And there only winter to hold out — and from the spring, new generous dividend payments will be sprinkled. And each one of them is still on the step closer to becoming