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ASPx Grid View Column Display Text Event Args e) Summary Display Text(合计行文本展示) protected void grid_Summary Display Text(object sender, Dev Express. ASPx Grid View Summary Display Text Event Args e) Header Filter Fill Items(自定义过滤器处理逻辑) protected void grid_Header Filter Fill Items(object sender, ASPx Grid View Header Filter Event Args e) ---------------------------------------------------------回调处理---------------------------------------------------------Custom Callback(Ajax 回调处理) protected void grid_Custom Callback(object sender, ASPx Grid View Custom Callback Event Args e) Custom Button Callback(定制按钮的ajax回调处理) protected void grid_Custom Button Callback(object sender, ASPx Grid View Custom Button Callback Event Args e) ---------------------------------------------------------编辑视图---------------------------------------------------------Init New Row(新建行的数据初始化处理) protected void grid_Init New Row(object sender, Dev Express. ASPx Data Updating Event Args e) These buttons work as expected. Maybe it is because the grid needs to use Object Contect and my entity framework classes are using DBContext?Do any of you have suggestions on how to make this work?Behold: I have taken the ASPx Grid View I first showed off here and have since refined here and here made it better yet. I brought in the Measurements class I mention here and have made look like so: I have nested my grid inside of a callback panel and I am to talk into it from the outside from two ASPx List Box controls which I have rotated ninty degrees just to be silly and to make them seem more like sliders. well, I guess now we need events to go with Solar System_Html Data Cell Prepared, Solar System_Html Edit Form Created, Solar System_Row Deleting, Solar System_Row Inserting, Solar System_Row Updating, and Solar System_Row Validating.

Building on this, I force the Planet Type of each Planet to be set by my "sliders" based upon their inputs.

Linq; namespace Dummy Dev Express Application ..rid of the "Drag a column header here to group by that column" thing.

转载请注明出处: ----------------------------------------------------------- ASPx Grid View 事件---------------------------------------------------------ASPx Grid View 默认是以callback方式(ajax方式)传递数据给服务器来实现局部刷新功能的 若要改为postback方式,可设置 Enable Call Backs = "false" ---------------------------------------------------------展示视图---------------------------------------------------------Row Created(创建行数据时触发,类似 Grid View 的 Data Item Create 事件) protected void grid_Html Row Created(object sender, Dev Express.

I do that like so: Closest Astronomical Unit Distance From Sun is a mouthful and sure does take up a lot of real estate in the form for adding and editing entries.

I fix that below and I also put the name of the planet being edited into the title of the token tab on the form.

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I got around the problem by making my Row Inserting and Row Updating implementations explictly write to a dummy collection and then overwriting my "real" collection with the staging grounds (if applicable).

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