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In Japanese Sign Language or Nihon Shuwa, the thumbs-up means indicates male gender and the pinkie finger indicates female gender.In India,the thumbs-up gesture may be accepted, but can have negative gestures in Indian cultures, especially when it is wagged from side to side, in a revers pendulum movement, it means will not work” or disagree, and the most acceptable hand gesture of Okay sign is the popular soda logo in India “Thums Up”.3) Shocker Hand Gesture The shocker hand gesture is an obscene sign with a sexual connotation with the ring and thumb finger bent down, and demonstrating of inserting the index and middle finger into a vagina and the pinkie finger into the anus.

In Russia and Finland, means “awesome“, good or well-done.

In an Ancient Roman gladiatorial fight thumbs up means to spare the gladiator or thumbs-down means death for the defeated gladiator.

The thumbs-up hand gestures is not acceptable in the Middle East country,this is an interpretation of an insult or an interpretation of saying “its up to you”, and same meaning of expressing disapproval in parts of West Africa, South America, Sardinia and in Iran, this gesture is an offensive to morality and decency (equivalent to western hand gestures using middle finger).

Gesture is one way of communicating by sending and receiving wordless or visual messages from the sender and the receiver, through sign language, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and lip reading (commonly used by the deaf person) and gestures, which includes the hand movements, face or other parts of the body.

Most non-verbal gestures can express display of affections or display of interaction received by a person through finger-pointing, eye-gazing, and verbal or non-verbal communication.

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Most gestures differs from other cultural and social settings of a country. 1) Okay hand gesture An Okay or ok is made by connecting the thumb and forefinger in a circle form, a signal for okay or approve, and commonly used in diving signal.

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