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The third question is which is the better sea boat or the safest vessel for cruising the world.

This really should be the 2nd or even the 1st question!

It all goes to the mission profile of the vessel, how you will use it, what you expect from it, what level of finish you need, how it will be operated, what the layout requirements are, what special features are needed to meet the intended use, size, draft, speed requirements, budget and a host of other items.

Examples, but by no means a full list of these are as follows: There are a set of criteria that fit very well if you want to do a conversion and a set that do not fit well at all and of course a point where they blend together.

The big question is, "What are the criteria that fits well with doing a conversion?

" As mentioned above, the owner needs to have a good background in yachting and understand the build process.

I have spoken at length with them regarding this and done quite a bit or research.

A number of people have asked me to put my thoughts down in writing so here it is.

So if you are playing the odds, your investment in a new build Explorer is safer over all then a conversion.

I would say that if you use percentages that the losses are much higher then with custom Explorer yachts.

Some conversions do sell for more then what their cost to acquire and to convert the vessel.

Some custom Explorer yachts sell for more then their cost to build even several years later. A loss of 20% on a total conversion cost of ,000,000 is the same as the loss of 10% on an ,000,000 new construction.

A profit of 10% on an ,000,000 vessel is a lot more the 10% on a ,000,000.

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