Dating sim kingdom days cheat codes christian carter dating questions women

Dating sim kingdom days cheat codes

A bit of a tomboy but still somewhat of a fair maiden at heart. He has sacrificed a lot for the player and continues to do so in order to protect her.The player's faithful servant who cares deeply for her and will do anything to protect his princess. He can be found in "Lewis's House," given to him by Joseph. "Your happiness is my happiness." Likes: Candy, Tea, and Book Daniel is a blacksmith who has a big secret that he quickly admits to the player.He finds humans interesting and other vampires are "all the same." A friend gave him the name Ferris, as most vampires go nameless. He was friends with Elliot, the king from Wonderland Days. However, on dates, he only accepts Bread, Candy and Paint. How to Unlock: On day 15, upon waking up, a cutscene will trigger where the player meets Alix the Cat.According to his profile on Pacthesis Games, he is a "wandering vampire who takes an interest in humans. There will be a conversation between Lewis and Alix.He never learned to read, but he's willing to let the player teach him. Ferris is a vampire who was locked in a coffin after being wrongly accused of murder.The engraving on it reads: "Those who commit sins shall be punished. In the beginning of the game, he disappears, leaving a note on his throne that reads "I have gone to take care of some business." He acts cold and aloof but there is a deeper, softer side to him that he appears to have difficulty showing.

The game on Deviant Art is quite glitchy, so it's recommended that you play the version on Kongregate .To have a successful date, the player must talk to their date 4 times and give them 2 items they like, then finish it with a kiss. Before she became princess she lived in an orphanage.If the player accidentally gives their date an item they don't like, the date cannot be completed. She's naturally independent and strong-willed and sometimes hot-headed.The boy helps her find her lost royal family from the Lunar Kingdom and he turns out to be her servant.More information about this is learned if the player dates Lewis in the game.

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Will put aside his needs and feelings for her sake. He's cursed and the player is the only one who can help.

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