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Today’s post is about a certain aspect of a Capoeira Angola game.

But this aspect is also something many people have to get used to. According to Mestre Moraes the aim of the Game of Capoeira Angola is movement itself.

The knowledge about the dimensions of the Roda you are in is important. Movement Capoeira has a lot to do with moving around.

The Ginga and the Au are the first things you learn in Capoeira. There is only few things more boring than a game between two players who stay at their positions.

Because, if you know what’s going on, you can start thinking about the way how to get out. The people observe your game, give energy by singing along and do define the boundaries of your game. Entrance to the Roda is defined by the edges of the bateria.

And not panicking is a good step further on the way to a better game, no? And entrance into the game is defined by the spot in front of the Gunga.

Geometry of a Roda Ok, so now the big news, a Roda is a circle. So far most of these things are things you people already know.

With this post I will give you some hints, what to look for when you are in a Capoeira Angola Roda, but most importantly this information is for you so you dont panic when you feel cornered.On the other side it’s good to know that it’s not a shame to be on the edge.Yes, when you were forced to the edge it’s a sign that the other person did dominate you, but in Capoeira you get dominated once and the next day you dominate, and the other day nothing happens.So the first thing to know about the “Space Game” in Capoeira (Angola) is: you are mobile.As simple as it seems, some people panic and freeze at the spot.

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(As a side remark, if you are playing outside, you can try to let your opponent face the sun over longer terms in the game. 😉 ) The preferred position I am talking about is the center of the circle.

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