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Dating during separation maryland

If you can prove that you and your spouse have separate living quarters – and not just in separate areas of the house -- you can petition the court for a limited divorce.Other criteria include desertion by one spouse or behavior deemed abusive or unreasonably cruel toward either spouse or children who live in the house.A limited divorce serves to separate the parties so the court can help them resolve issues related to marital and personal property, as well as the future of children of the marriage.

Couples who want a divorce can go straight to an absolute divorce.However, like the term suggests, there are limitations.To file for a limited divorce in Maryland, you must meet certain criteria.A limited divorce establishes the date on which you and your spouse separated.Maryland doesn't have a formal separation filing, therefore, couples that have separated, or intend to separate, sometimes proceed with a limited divorce as the first step in dissolving the marriage.

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For example, if your family has one car, the court cannot equitably divide a car and preserve it as a useful asset for both parties. A monetary award may be granted in divorce as a way to equalize the value of assets that can't otherwise be divided. As with most questions about marital property, this is not something that should be left to guess work. Ingram, we are familiar with marital property issues and we can help you evaluate what property is marital; how your property may be divided in the event of divorce or separation; and when it is necessary to take additional action to protect your interest in property that is non-marital.

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