Dating antique quilts

Sometimes the "value" is obvious from the picture, but usually there's a lot more that makes a quilt special than just what can be seen.Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...Early quilts that feature the same fabric for the entire quilt top, whether that top is made of dyed wool or pieces of (the same) printed cotton fabric, are referred to as wholecloth quilts.Early wholecloth quilts have three layers: a quilt top, a filling (in early quilts the filler was often wool), and a backing.

Once the passengers were safely on shore, the galleon "Angel Gabriel, moored in Pemaquid Bay, was completely destroyed when the Great Hurricane of 1635 rushed up the coast from Naragansett, Rhode Island, leaving the ship as just a mass of floating debris after it was hit with the strongest winds ever recorded.

Only the wealthy had the leisure time for quilt making so Colonial quilting was done by only a few.

Obviously quilts were not made of left over scraps or worn clothing as a humble bedcovering during this period.

But further consideration of the definitions reveals there is indeed a very real difference, one that when applied to quilts and their history, is critical. Even with a dictionary definition, the answer is still vague and ambiguous, so in many ways we're left with an "eyes of the beholder" situation. That is by no means any kind of "official" definition, just a guideline for this site.

The distinction is one of "recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality." Does that provide the answer to the original question? If after considering the definition, along with its vagueness and ambiguity, you think your quilt is indeed vintage, please consider sharing pictures and stories of it. If you have a treasured old quilt that is not old enough, please consider sharing it on the Heirloom Quilts page. Perhaps the craftsmanship, or the exquisite hand-stitching, or the beautiful colorplay of the fabrics, or even its sentimental value.

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Most women were busy spinning, weaving and sewing in order to clothe their family.

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