Dating a tease

Establishing an Attraction Arousing Interest Community Q&A Being a tease is a social art that involves inspiring desire in a possible suitor by presenting the possibility of romantic relations without promising to fulfill it.

From a psychological standpoint, teasing makes a person feel powerful, wanted, and attractive, fulfills a need for attention, and most importantly, tests another person for compatibility as a possible romantic partner.

A pressing conversation, a heated debate, a passionate rant, witty banter, a deeply personal reveal -- that's what plants the sexual seeds. Aren't our greatest assets the things we labored over the hardest? Taking your time to untangle the satin ribbons and delicately unwrap the shiny paper -- makes getting your hands on the glorious gift so much .

Stimulating the mind stimulates our sexuality with a fiercer, longer-lasting intensity than gazing into cleavage or steel-cut abs. We long for the sole reason sex is the driving force behind our bad decisions, questionable choices and irrational actions. In order for sex to be unabashedly stimulating and undeniably exciting, it must attain some sort of emotion.

Isn't it all about desiring something so badly but not being able to get it right away?

Isn't it the mental back and forth, the unattainability that leaves us hopelessly daydreaming about twisted sheets and hot bodies when we're supposed to be sitting at our desks, working between the hours of nine and five?

There is nothing like tension so thick we can literally feel it hanging in the air. There is a vast, colorful array of feelings that can be channeled into sex, and we need to feel for sex to satisfy; after all, sex is psychology, right?Otherwise sex is as empty as a reality TV show -- something to numb out to that you will forget 10 minutes after consuming.It's impossible to finish something unless you've started it. Don't toss us around with the frivolity of yesterday's laundry if you want to please us in an authentic way.Have we lost the fine art of the tease in the turbulent sea of hookup apps and keyboard clicks? The ultimate goal is for you to eventually rip our clothes off, but make us tirelessly work for it first.The act of sex doesn't start with touching or kissing -- it starts with conversation. Words that cut deep into the crux of our brains and are so cutting that they leave imprints in our memory. Give us a subtle taste of your mystical sexual prowess and then viciously pull away. How can we be satisfied by anything that is so easily handed to us?

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