Dating a girl with genital herpes sims 3 dating

Dating a girl with genital herpes

Chuck's role is initially that of an antagonist to the main characters.Chuck resides with his family at the Plaza Hotel on the Upper East Side and attends school at the Riverside Preparatory School for Boys on the Upper West Side, along with scholarship student Dan Humphrey.He eventually owns a dog named Monkey, a nod to the novels where he owned a monkey.After Vanessa Abrams, Chuck is the most drastically different in the television series as compared to the books.Chuck is orphaned in his senior year at high school due to the death of his father in a car accident, before being adopted by Lily van der Woodsen, his stepmother, and the only parent who Chuck really connected to and loved unconditionally.In the novels, Chuck is the son of Bart and Misty Bass.

Chuck also owns a monkey named Sweetie, gifted from Georgina Sparks' family after the Bass' bailed her out of a situation, and he is known to bring Sweetie everywhere with him.

Chuck's loyalty to Nate Archibald is shown when he stops him from being taken advantage of by Carter Baizen after a Lost Weekend gone wrong (Bad News Blair).

On a constant search to gain Bart's approval, Chuck explores the option for Bass Industries to acquire the club Victrola.

While there, she does a strip dance routine onstage which entrances Chuck.

While taking her home, they have sex causing Blair to lose her virginity to him (Victor Victrola).

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It's also alluded to on several occasions that Chuck could be bisexual, as he attempted being gay more than once.

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