Dating a geminicancer cusp adult dating mckenzie north dakota

Dating a geminicancer cusp

This could lead to depression and self-destructive behavior.

But fortunately these cuspers have such magnetic personalities it's unlikely they'd find themselves alone for too long.

They have the ability to find inspiration in the most ordinary of things.

They do have a problem feeling complete unless they have love, romance and family.

Caring and devoted, those born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp infuse the world around them with lighthearted kindness, and are able to find inspiration in the ordinary -- then share what they’ve learned with others. Emotions can run high for these individuals, so it’s very important to their happiness that they are able to share their lives with close family, friends and lovers.

Gemini-Cancer cuspers are typically quite affectionate and sensitive, and the one downside to this is if they have no one to devote themselves to.

I always thought my end-all & be-all would be to inspire others with my work...

Makes me wonder about "other" cusps-- do you (or does anyone here) have a call what being at 29 degrees of a sign at your ascendent is? My ascendent is 29 degrees-point-something Leo--with 2 of the big planets in Leo sitting right on top of it.Read about other cusp combinations » june 21st here..I agree mostly with this except for the"wont find themselves alone for too long"12 yrs long?I am in Portland, OR and I would give Jeff the OK to give you my email address, if you are interested. This is the BEST Gem-Cancer cusp description I've seen.I'm an artist (many media & trained from early childhood) & all of my life my goal & desire has been to INSPIRE.

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These moves work for established relationships, too.

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