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Maybe you don’t care if nearly half of the collections of the most important public library in the West are buried in a scene right out of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. You are stupid, they think, and if their plan succeeds, you and your children will stay that way. If you disagree maybe this article might get you mad enough to save yourself and your children now, while there’s still time. Coulter was the cheerleader in charge of raising money for the Foundation.

At 5 per square foot, there are 20,000 square feet of space used for nothing. In a 1987 planning study conducted by library consultants Becker & Hayes Inc.

Inside the new building, nearly 60 per cent of the library’s remaining books are in closed-stacks, hidden behind locked doors. THEY spent million of your money on non-book functions: atriums, light wells, television and sound studios, galleries, a coffee shop, a gift shop, and some big metal art. That’s 20,000 square feet of space guaranteed to help bring about the Pac Bell vision of “The Library of the Future.” The most expensive room of all is suspended four stories in the air, three floors high inside, enclosed in glass and steel; containing perhaps the most precious books to remain in the Pac Bell House of the Book: the nation’s telephone books. After all, remember: “If it’s not in here perhaps it doesn’t exist.“ This new library was planned; it was no accident.

Nearly half of the library’s collections are there. Of the building’s 363,247 square feet, over one third is useless for either books or computers.

On October 17, 1989, San Francisco was rocked by a major earthquake.

The murder and abduction triggered a nationwide Amber Alert for 6-week-old Shamali Flores, who was found unharmed Thursday. She reportedly hid the miscarriage from her boyfriend and continued to fake the pregnancy.He would completely re-organize the library to accommodate his own vision.Instead of moving quickly to restore services, Dowlin and the Library Commission decided to use the opportunity to make major changes.This event provided City Librarian Ken Dowlin with a dream of dreams.From this earthquake, Dowlin derived a New World Order for his books and collections.

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Coulter said, “We have 17,000 donor families, institutions,(&) foundations.

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