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Fermented, leavened bread was produced in Ancient Egypt, and milk was fermented in early Babylon as well.Roman soldiers often subsisted on long-fermented sourdough bread, which survived long treks well (imagine conquering the known world on a diet of bread – fermentation must be pretty effective stuff).

I’ve never seen evidence of vegetable cleaning liquid containers at prehistoric dig sites, nor have any tiny tubes of antibiotic ointment been discovered among the arrowheads, flint shards, and stone spears.

In most post-agricultural peoples, some form of fermented food is a standardized component of the traditional diet.

The earliest sign of wine dates from about 8000 years ago, in Georgia (Caucasus, not the state north of Florida), and there’s evidence that people were fermenting drinks in Babylon circa 5000 BC, Egypt circa 3150 BC, Mexico circa 2000 BC, and Sudan circa 1500 BC.

It wasn’t until the 17 century that microorganisms were even discovered, and it took another couple hundred years for us to realize that the little guys could cause disease and that boiling or sufficiently heating a substance could kill or mitigate the worst of them. Deaths from easily preventable infectious diseases plummeted, and it became an all-out war on the sub-visual world.

Germs, bacteria, microorganisms – they were all out to get us, and totally eradicating them from our daily lives became paramount for optimum health.

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Real sourdough is a good choice for guests who simply must have their bread, but don’t think fermentation makes it Primal approved. In fact, next to no dairy at all, I put fermented, raw, grass-fed dairy as the optimum form.

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