25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Cheat me once — shame to you

Cheat me twice — shame me «

(c) folk wisdom

The article will not be very fun, so I will start it with an old joke to discharge a little atmosphere.

Well, then — along the course of the article I will be on this joke to refer, and suddenly someone did not hear him?

So, an old joke.

Children in kindergarten in a friend began to swear scary. Well, just unimaginably. Terribly. And all the polls. And the turns are so colorful use — that straight even in adult ears in the tube are folded.

I started the administration in kindergarten to understand — where this infection comes from. After a long investigation, it was calculated — it all started after the visit of the brigade of electricians.

Called electricians to the director of the kindergarten — Drag. But electricians are not recognized in any. We did not swear, and everything is here. Also offended, they say: Well, what do we do not understand, what do you need a mate with a mat?

Then the director came in different ways.

Asks: Did you have any PE during work?

There were one electrician.

When I kept a stepladder, standing on which Vasya soldered the battlefield, the hot solder began to drip my head.

Well? asks the director? What’s next? You began to yell on him with a mate?

No, how can I? Mate? For children? Well what are you. I’m just telling him:

«Basil! Do you not see that a drop of molten tin falls right on your head ??? «

Let’s go back to the CPIF FPR.

The article is writing this, because readers asked to write, when I leave a position — I fulfill a promise.

Today came out.

Several disclameers at once:

The article does not encourage anyone to follow my example and get out of the fund.

As before, I did not call for anyone to invest in the SPIF FPR.

This is a risky investment with potentially high yield. Each makes a decision on the basis of their considerations.

I will tell about my considerations in the article about the conclusions to which came. Everyone can draw their own conclusions — in this and the charm of investment — every person himself president of his investment fund.

Okay, with disclaimers and jokes committed.

It’s time for the essence.

Why came out?

If briefly — the turns lost my trust.

I probably had too lucky for decent people recent years — I became too picky.

What I encountered in recent months in the Foundation — I did not like it. There is no legitimate complaints about the tour and freed finance, and moral — there. Let me explain my position.

For the foundation I observed from the autumn 2020.

I watched how the fondness of the foundation is growing and as an increasing number of people carry money there.


And I understood that it was logical — in a simple language increases by Haip, the results of which I, like many investors, hoped to take advantage of.

It happened no day and not two.

It happened not a month and not two.

It happened from July to February.

In January, I acquire the Foundation’s PAI at a high price, but the price continues to grow and in February — as the Haip is only growing.

And then in February there comes rounds and takes all the results of this high-like, conducting an insane avalanche-like extra emission that drops the price of the shade to the floor.

At the same time, it explains the occurrently not in advance and not even in February — no — he explains it in an interview that he gave on April 09.

It turns out that (sit down), he did it from the most so-called motivations. He turns out to be cooled by the market, «

And that «

For half a year the price of Paja went free. I see it and see how Khaip flares. Routed the greedy handmakers I buy the funds of the Foundation — for Khaip goes and if nothing happens, then the PAIs are accurately solarded — but Tourlov happened. I would even say — full of turret)))

You know, it caused it only one association — only one else’s institution changes the rules along the game — vocational scam.

If it were about this «attraction of unprecedented generosity» (when the turns pick up your money so that you are Nidayboch, not to get rich, as on Bitcoin), he would at least warn in advance — there was no question to him.

But how he did it — makes me assume that at first Timur and his team, they had fun to go to the market at excellent prices, then spent a pair of large-scale additional issues (for the flag — see, we sell pairs with a discount — what a high BSIP in the market), and only then we, simple shareholders deigned to tell what, it turns out, now the BSIP will not disappear from the RSIP. Not late?

In the dry residue.

According to the voiced tour of the new rules, nothing prevents the Fund to flourish. And respectively shareholders of the Foundation — earn a bunch of money.

My desire to get out of the Fund is largely emotional. Therefore, I gave myself the time to cool down — heard interviews two weeks ago, but did not pop up immediately.

On the other hand, the question of confidence in cash is not the last value, this time.

And investing should be comfortable — these are two.

So — for myself the decision accepted and embodied.

Results on the CPIF FPR.

This is how to count — the wonders of accounting, I am slowly learning))

Closed the position in minus 600 thousand. Can be considered so.

You can consolidate with profit in the fall — which also amounted to 600 thousand by a strange coincidence and then the results of investment in the IPF FPR — hole from the bubble plus a bunch of interesting movement and experience))

Why it seemed to me that the proper decision right now:

90 percent is the psychological not acceptance of the fact that I am with a tour in one boat. I would not want to be even on one field. There are no complaints about it by law, but in my opinion his behavior is unworthy of a gentleman.

By 10 percent — recession of popularity in the states to IPIO, technological companies, and the mass of predictions of the heavy second half of the year.

The problem of CPIF FPR, also in how we have repeatedly discussed on the channel that the «reinforce» problems are not always possible — for example, on the NCSP I have a drop in position 16%, but I have no excitement for me — a working time, Everything will return «to the circles of their own.» And with the Fund such logic does not work. Therefore, unfortunately, it was necessary to fix the loss. Once again, special thanks to a citizen Tourlov — after receiving the markets of Bidenovsky 1.9 trillion ZPIF FPR jumped to my break-even point, but then the turns had not yet known to tell about the new rules of the game and about its «cool» strategy — how it will «cool» the cost Fearing every few months with new additional emission (by the way — get ready, the next promised after 2-3 months, and from April 9 almost a month has already passed).

I have the opinion that the turns can lead it to the collapse. Of course, I can be wrong, so I emphasize once again — no one agitating to follow my example.

If anyone is interested — I bought the preferences for the revenue money — after two weeks 6% of my losses will be treated. Chose a more enjoyable way to become