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Unfortunately the soda in glass makes it water soluble.

Sodium unless stabilized or replace will dissolve in water.

when added to glass will produce a yellowish to green color. Antique glass normally contains from 1.0% to 2.0% is know in the US as Vaseline glass, or Canary Yellow or in the past just as Yellow glass. This type of glass will be fluorescent in the present of a black light.

Uranium glass is not typically radioactive enough to be dangerous.

It must be noted that Gold Chloride gives glass a pinkish red to true deep ruby red, selenium and cadmium sulphide imparts an orange cast to the red glass. There was dispute between the two companies which resulted in Mt.

Some collectors feel that selenium based Amberina is not true Amberina. Washington calling their amberina glass "Rose Amber". Washington and they stop producing Amberina glass or Rose Amber.

Tech.): One form of pseudo Amberina developed after 1920 it is simply amber colored glass with a thin flash coating of ruby glass over part of the amber glass piece.

Finally, we discuss each individual "Types of Glass", its associated chemical formulation and or what manufacturing process is required to produce that individual type of glass.

Tech.) which means it is dependent upon manipulation during manufacturing process rather that a specific glass formula and three a (Glass Formulation Akro Agate Glass started operations in Akron, Ohio in 1911 to produce marbles.

In 1914 they moved their operation to Clarksburg, West Virginia where they produced glass until 1951. In 1930 they began to make press glass mainly due to the increased competition in the marble market. Tech.): Amberina glass is always red on the top to shades of amber to yellow on the bottom.

Glass is generally classed an amorphous solid below its glass transition temperature from a physics standpoint. In real world English, glass (a solid material though quite fragile) is made by melting solid material with great heat. It can have both transparent and opaque properties.

Transparent means you can see through it like clear glass or opaque you can see through it like Milk Glass.

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It does not show the gradual blending from yellow through amber to ruby which is the characteristic true heat sensitive amberina. Tech.): Aventurine historically, is a glass in which metallic copper particles are suspended by being incorporated in a flame reduction process to give the glass a shimmer.

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