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Why is he being compared to the immortal Babe Ruth? But Ruth didn't throw 100-mph fastballs and he certainly didn't have that kind of speed.

Well, as a pitcher Ohtani has thrown a fastball clocked at 102.6 mph. As a batter, he has produced a maximum exit velocity of 111.1 mph, and he once smashed a drive through the Tokyo Dome. And despite being 6-4 and weighing over 200 pounds, he's been clocked reaching first base in 3.9 seconds, which is Dee Gordon territory. So on paper, at least, Ohtani is an , something we haven't seen before.

Surely you're the next classic superhero, with an Awesome Mc Coolname superhero name to go with it. Your only hope is to become famous enough one day for everyone to not automatically think of something else when they hear it.

Many are the reasons for a character, superhero or otherwise, to have such a malodorous moniker: Maybe you were originally published in The Golden Age of Comic Books, when certain slang terms had different meanings.

Ruth walked the first batter on four pitches, argued vehemently with home plate umpire Brick Owens, slugged him, and got ejected.

Ruth's replacement, Ernie Shore, promptly picked off the runner on first base, then retired the next 26 batters, finishing bimprobable "perfect game." But if the keen-eyed Ruth was correct that the first batter shouldn't have been awarded first base, it really was a perfect game!

Maybe you go with something that describes your powers, or a grim n' gritty one-syllable name. Surely evildoers would tremble at the mere utterance of your name! The name will catch on and that's how you will be known from here on.

Babe Ruth was the best left-handed pitcher of his era, and Red Sox manager Ed Barrow was understandably reluctant to tamper with success by letting him play in the field.

But in 1918 when Barrow finally agreed to let the Bambino play on his non-pitching days, he hit home runs in four consecutive games and the rest So what is the big deal with Shohei Ohtani, who just signed a contract to play for the Los Angeles Angels in 2018?

According to Anthony Bass, who played with Ohtani for the oddly-named Nippon Ham Fighters, he compares with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper as a player. And it sounds as if Ohtani will attempt to do something the Babe Moon Shots and Spitballs Gaylord Perry was a notoriously weak hitter.

For seven major league seasons and over 300 plate appearances, he failed to hit a single dinger.

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One day he found his birth certificate and learned that Tug Mc Graw was his father. He grew up to become country music superstar Tim Mc Graw.

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