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GFD’s data on individual securities for the US has allowed us to create an index on US Stocks back to 1791, a year before the New York Stock Exchange was established, by using data from Philadelphia and Boston.

Our index for France goes back to 1801 when the Banque de France was established.

GFD provides the complete picture of yields on bonds have evolved over time, and how money market rates have changed during the 1800s and 1900s.

- Nanotick captures every packet broadcast on all channels for both futures and options and has the unique advantage of having both exchange send time and receive time at co-location with atomic clock e Signal Classic allows access to historical price data: - North American stocks (intraday since 1997, daily since 1990) - North American futures (intraday since 2007, daily 31 years) - North American indexes (intraday since 1997, daily since 1990) - Mutual funds daily since 1997 - forex intraday since 2007, daily since 1983 - world equities (intraday since 2009, daily up to 10 years) - Datalink Asia/Pacific Stocks - .95 /month - Datalink Europe/Middle East/Africa Stocks - .95 /month - Datalink North/South American Stocks & Mutual Funds - .95 /month - Datalink Worldwide Futures - .95 /month - Datalink Worldwide Indices - .95 /month Eze Software offers a former Real Tick data - Historical price data: - US stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, indexes, government and corporate bonds - Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, and Time and Sales Historical price data: - US & international stocks, ETFs, funds, options, futures, forex, indexes, government and corporate bonds, derivatives (CMO, ABS etc.) - multiple time horizons (from tick-by-tick to lower frequencies) ONEQUANTDATA - Historical price data (daily): - historical global stocks prices, includes data on company and product information, corporate actions, earnings, daily prices and trading volumes - complementary asset classes, including warrants, mutual funds, pink sheets, ETFs, indices, ETFs and stock index futures Historical data (daily/intraday): - intraday US stocks, etfs, indexes, futures, forex for 3 years - end of day US stocks since 1988, ETFs since 1998 - end of day world futures, indexes, mutual funds since inception, international stocks since 2000 - additionally fundamental data for equities, commodities, ETFs and mutual funds, news and weather Downloader XL Pro is an add-in for MS Excel 20, it helps download historical securities' price data directly into Excel's workbook, free (Eo D) sources from: - Yahoo Finance - stocks, etfs, indexes, funds - Google Finance - stocks - Pi Fin - currency FX rates, financial futures, commodity futures, and indices Historical data for options on equities, ETFs and indexes: - historical Volatility (both end-of-day and Parkinson's) - individual Options Contracts Volatilities (daily) - implied Volatility Index (daily) - implied Volatility Surface (daily) - options prices (NBBO) with volume and open interest (daily) - "Standard plan" - 9 monthly - historical data for 20 years, up to 500 indicators - "Professional plan" - 9 monthly - historical data for 100 years, all indicators - "Enterprise plan" - ,999 quarterly - complete database, all APIs, unlimited users Collects data from multiple data sources into one database, contains daily prices for: - futures, forex, US & World stocks, ETFs, indexes, US interest rates - macroeconomic indicators (from St.

Louis FRED as an example) Historical long-term macro-economic data: - exchange rates, monetary rates, interest rates etc.

Letters of credit enabled traders to obtain local currency at each port they visited.

Traders wanted a guaranteed amount of money when they arrived at each port, and this is how the system of global exchange rates was born.

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Forward rates were quoted on the currencies of other countries and cities depending upon how long the voyage from one city to another took, allowing for both the differences in the gold content of the coins and the time value of money as the ships sailed across the oceans.

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