Cisco validating identity error

Cisco validating identity error

*Oct 14 .327: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Msg/ccsip Display Msg: Received: INVITE sip:[email protected] SIP/2.0 Date: Sat, GMT Allow: INVITE, OPTIONS, INFO, BYE, CANCEL, ACK, PRACK, UPDATE, REFER, SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY From: “HOLLOWAY MARK ” Expires: 180 Content-Type: application/sdp Call-ID: [email protected] Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9h G4b K1b172bdcdc9 CSeq: 101 INVITE Session-Expires: 1800 Max-Forwards: 7 The following CUBE configuration modifies the User portion of the SIP URI to replace 9948 with 9494289948 which is our valid 10 digit number the Service Provider is expecting.

voice service voip allow-connections sip to sip sip sip-profiles 1 voice class sip-profiles 1 request INVITE sip-header Diversion modify “ The characters .*@.* in the first set of the expression identify all characters in the original Diversion header coming from UCM and the second set identifies what the first set will be replaced with.

Then go to "authentification" tab and untick the box saying "Enable IEEE802.1x to the availiable network" and that should solve your problem Graham UKRight, Graham's solution worked for me.

I had been able to connect previously, but the connection would always indicate that it was validating.

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9 ISE Authorization Rules 12 Summary 13 Section II The Blueprint, Designing an ISE Enabled Network Chapter 3 The Building Blocks in an Identity Services Engine Design 15 ISE Solution Components Explained 15 Infrastructure Components 16 Policy Components 20 Endpoint Components 20 ISE Personas 21 ISE Licensing, Requirements, and Performance 22 ISE Licensing 23 ISE Requirements 23 ISE Performance 25 ISE Policy-Based Structure Explained 27 Summary 28 Chapter 4 Making Sense of All the ISE Deployment Design Options 29 Centralized Versus Distributed Deployment 29 Centralized Deployment 30 Distributed Deployment 32 Summary 35 Chapter 5 Following a Phased Deployment 37 Why Use a Phased Deployment Approach?

This is a problem when forwarding calls back to the PSTN as the provider expects 10 digits instead of 4 (or whatever the CUCM internal dial plan may be).

An easy solution to this problem is using a SIP Profile with CUBE and replacing the 4 digit number with the 10 digit Pilot Number (this is same number in your sip-ua portion of the router config).

Next, you’ll walk through identifying users, devices, and security posture; gain a deep understanding of Cisco’s Secure Unified Access solution; and master powerful techniques for securing borderless networks, from device isolation to protocol-independent network segmentation.

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This is the new SIP Invite modified by CUBE in its entirety as it leaves CUBE and goes towards the SIP Service Provider. Some SIP Provider platforms such as Broadworks and Sonus will allow tgrp to be used for validating a legitimate call rather than using a phone number from the trunk group.

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