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Things we’ve heard you should drink to lose weight: lemon water, super-cold water, low-fat milk (seriously) and green tea.Of course, they’re not legit – there’s no magic bullet when it comes to weight-loss, so we’re not surprised that gulping apple cider vinegar is bogus, too.Add a couple of tablespoons into your daily smoothie for a boost in probiotics with a subtle taste or try using it with herbs and spices as a marinade.Keep in mind that heating the vinegar can kill a lot of the valuable bacteria, so eating it in its natural state is probably best. Many of the studies that found positive associations between drinking apple cider vinegar and improved insulin sensitivity only gave their subjects as much as two tablespoons of the vinegar at a time.And often the vinegar was diluted in a less acidic solution, like water.

The research looks specifically at whether apple cider vinegar could play a role in blood sugar regulation – and the findings suggest it might be a beneficial tool in your diabetes management plan.

Much of this may be attributed to the high levels of acetic acid and chromium in apple cider vinegar, which have been shown to improve insulin resistance in many individuals. There’s no need to swig vinegar by the spoonful to get its rewarding benefits.

Try mixing apple cider vinegar with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice and a crack of pepper for a light salad dressing.

The idea is that drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before bed speeds up your metabolism, burning fat faster.

But there’s no scientific research that’ll whittle your waistline.

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