Briefcase for 35 million. Why not buy these shares?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Not all that is gold that glitters»

(c) folk wisdom

Yes, here is this, purely Marxist «unity of opposites» in paragraphs 1 and 3 — buy a company that should be ready to own forever, but at the same time it is ready to sell it to someone who will give a worthy price.

And what to do — the company in the portfolio is not a homeland and not a wife. I choose it not for the whole life and sell it for a good price — the point is not the fact that there is not afternoon, but it is a sacred (well, if only we are talking about sectarians from the «Buy and Hold» sect — they, as far as I understood, Some sacral prohibitions for sale of shares)))

Now, when dealing with the principles of shares, let’s see, and who remained «overboard». Immediately I will say that an overview of the shares that I do not plan to purchase, I decided to divide into two parts.

In this article, the scholars of the shares that

In the second article I will focus on those promotions that I


Let’s start with the simplest. Those issuers who lost, say so «in competition». They are not bad for themselves. Simply, how folk wisdom says is the best level of good. I am not strictly following the idea that it is not necessary to buy several issuers from one sector of the economy (for example — Tatneft and Lukoil are wonderfully getting in my portfolio, like a lion and a lamb))) But in principle, many issuers from one industry — «It is not good » And this should try to avoid, except when it is directly impossible to choose one, because «both better»))) Well, like Lukoil and Tatneft — you understand)))






Having bought Tatneft and Lukoil I made my choice in the oil and already with a certain reluctance I look at other oil «Grand»



Buying NCSP


The second group of issuers who do not want to take — companies that seem to have a hearing, are popular with investors, people in them in spite of everything are investing everything, but I personally are not clear the causes of this popularity. Or, rather, it seems to me — the reasons are clear to me, but they lie in the plane far from finance and investment. I will talk about companies that people just like … After all, they produce such wonderful things … Diamonds and travel …))) Dear investors’ colleagues. As for me, I’m better than the company, in which I will invest, it produces not romantic diamonds and travels, and prosaic profits and dividends)) Well, we will not be distracted.




It turns out a man on the Red Square with a poster — such a rally. And on the poster nothing is written. He is asked — why didn’t you write anything on the poster. The man says: «What to write? All and so everyone knows. «

So with Aeroflot. Well, someone did not know that the company is unprofitable, is unscrewed, and in a pandemic she is generally a pipe? Someone did not know that the additional issue would be and would you «wash»? Why did you buy it? Oh, silence, sadness, silent. Okay, we went further.

Children’s World

No, well, you can take any paper for any paper. And in the portfolio — it is to keep with an eye on 10 years old … Here you think, why is the Sistema AFK out of the children’s world? I saw a million smart explanation — the ladies are the simplest. Not mine — another smart person enlightened. And a simple explanation — most often the most correct, who wants, can google «Razor Okkama» — there they explain about it. So, my dear my colleagues investors, the answer is very simple: the kids were not born in Russia. If you look at the birth charts, you will see that it is now that the children’s world has a maximum of customers («Customers» he has no dad and moms, as you understand, and their kids who are now from seven to fourteen years). And in the coming years the number of children of this age will begin to decrease steadily. Moreover, how can you figure out — a sharply demographic situation cannot change. So the children’s world is doomed to strategic stagnation. And this in addition to the pressure of online on offline trade in principle, etc.

That’s it.

So — it seems to me that it is worth staying away from the above securities if you have a desire to become a real millionaire))