Briefcase for 35 million. Why do I like Russian stocks?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«And in my country there are everything: there is oil and gas in it in it
Coal is and nickel there, aluminum neither read. «

(s) Semen Slepakov

In joyful for all Russians and especially Gazprom’s shareholders, I am writing this post. When the Trumbudchchik «Fortuna» puts the bolt (crossed out) puts the last kilometers of the Northern Stream gas pipeline — 2 … Well, at the same time it puts the bolt at once on two presidents of the overseas power))) And I put the 37th million in the portfolio of this portfolio … How good is this ship))

Well, what do you say? Truly — the dreams of people’s dreams come true)))

Today, of course, those who did not believe that it was necessary to buy Gazprom-Batyushka when it was sold on 160+ already realized their mistakes and bitterly crying, sprinkling the head ashes (especially, looking at the thermometer, reminding us that winter is You do not joke, and alternative energy, so far, Europe does not warm when El Niño came to visit).

But it’s all, of course, especially let’s look at things wider. In general — is the market worth it or not? It is the market as a whole, not separate papers.

What is different from developed markets? After all, it is different?

Is different. It is definitely different, and unfortunately, not always for the better, as I do not fail to note in the comments)) It’s true, but not always for the worst. Let’s try to figure out objectively, at least the most «wide strokes.»

So. Let’s start with the minuses. Stirlitz, after all, taught that the last word is remembered, and I want the readers to love Russian stocks)) here I have such a cunning plan)) we will compare with the USA, because it is real only the United States is a really widespread alternative — few of our investors trade on other sites.

Often critics indicate as a lack of our market what

The argument that rarely sounds, but personally, it is very important to me very much and really like the issuers. Who pay dividends in the States pay them 4 times a year. This is a very pleasant wont, which in the Russian Federation adopted such a few that the fingers of one hand will be listed ((((((((.

It seems that the list of deficiencies is finished.

You can take it for

And here we are much wondering, let’s look closer.

And prejudices … You just look at how rose from 2011 to 2020 Russia in the World Bank ranking Doing Business! He jumped from the 124th place on the 28th. Can you imagine this ??? At the same time, you know — not the most pasteing organization ranking was.

In Russia, it is already well to do business, and many foreign businessmen are already loudly celebrated. We are in many ways the habit think that «everything is bad.»

So the sanctions and prejudices will disappear over time «as a dream, like morning fog», P / E will definitely be different. He cannot but be different. In all P / E countries, in all — not only in the United States — in China higher, in India above, in Brazil — and in that higher.

What are the redheads, or what? And we will grow P / E. And what does «P / E grow up» for the one who keeps this paper? Yes, she just will rise in price, that’s all))

In a different way, there can be no — unfortunate former bank depositors will come to the stock exchange and they will need to buy something. And what will they buy there? Scarecrow Chairman of the Central Bank, so that it was not possible to lower the key bet ??? NOTE, shares they will have to buy there. And new shares were not delivered. So the good old good shares will rise in price. The law of demand-proposal seems to have been canceled))

Summing up the advantages of the Russian stock market — it is as a compressed spring charged to multiple and inevitable growth. At the same time, it is very comfortable to wait for this growth — taking into account the high dividends. Comfortable place to become