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The Cobourg Jail (Gaol) was probably quite typical of early Upper Canada prison facilities.

The Cobourg Gaol in the 1830's was quite unlike many of the country club type institutions of present day.

The police department does not have enough cell-space to keep offenders beyond 72-hours.

If they are to remain incarcerated, it will be most likely to the Watauga sheriff's nearby facility.

A February, 1834, list of supplies received from Benjamin Throop included 21 lb.

of soap, 13 chamberpots, 15 drinking cups (tea), 8 padlocks, 2 washing tubs, 6 water pails, 6 4pt.

The periods of time are very short-term in this jail - usually less than 72 hours.

Any offender movements are strictly supervised while handcuffed and shackled.

In other parts of the building there was found: Five common stoves, three tables, fifteen chairs and Judge's chair, chest belonging to Clerk of the Peace, five good padlocks, eighteen bad!

padlocks, two damaged knoblocks, three water pails, two washing tubs, four chamber pots, bread scales and five weights, one pair of leg irons, two pairs of hand cuffs, one iron collar, one pair of hand irons, two chains and staples, twelve candlesticks, two chairs, six hooks, six pair of snuffers, six ink stands, three copies of Statutes, Burns' Justice (4 Vol.), one Bible and Prayerbook, two testaments, two Companions for Pardoned.

Larceny (theft) was a major problem, as it is in many neighborhoods today.

Many of the prisoners were repeat drunks, prostitutes and vagrants.

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