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In the eastern Church, only unmarried priests can become bishops, and bishops are not permitted to marry. A canon is a priest who serves on the staff of a cathedral.The duties of a canon include conducting worship and performing pastoral services, especially when the bishop is visiting other churches in the diocese.In accordance with Canon 2 of the Second Ecumenical Council held in Constantinople in 381, which is binding on the Anglican Communion, the national churches, as well as their provinces and dioceses have geographical boundaries and therefore do not overlap.The Anglican Communion does not recognize more than one denomination of Anglicans in the same country, and two bishops cannot have overlapping dioceses.Probably the reason why there is so much disagreement on this subject is because the New Testament doesn’t An acolyte is a lay person, often a child or a teenager, who performs minor duties during the worship service to assist the ministers, such as lighting candles, carrying books, directing traffic during communion, and so forth. The Anglican Communion is a free association of national churches that are in communion with each other and with the Church of England, and in most cases are outgrowths of the Church of England.All of the bishops of the Anglican Communion meet every ten years at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury; the meeting is called the Lambeth Conference, named after Lambeth Palace.The pope can make any priest or bishop a cardinal; however, when a priest becomes a cardinal, he is consecrated a bishop.Upon the death of the pope, they administer the affairs of the Roman Catholic Church and elect the new pope.

Both the Church and the synagogue were led by one or more presbyters, which means elder and became the English word priest.In the ancient Church, catechumens were dismissed from the service between the Service of the Word and the Eucharist.(In some churches, announcements are made at this point.) The term “catechumen” is still used by Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran Christians, and you may come across it elsewhere.Thus the early Church consisted of congregations served by deacons, run by priests, and supervised by bishops.Or if you dislike words of Greek origin, we could say that early congregations had a board, ministers, and a district superintendent.

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There is some confusion about the term “Anglican” in the USA, which is the reason for this entry.

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