Biscuity boyle speed dating

Biscuity boyle speed dating

Constant repetition brings results, as any good advertis- ing copy-writer will tell you, and now Alice has come back to the screen. A 25-cent cake lasts a month or six weeks for regular use, including any of the special Wood- bury treatments. Three Woodbury skin preparations — guest size — for 10 cents w m The Andrew Jergens Co., 1302 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio For the enclosed 10 cents — Please send me a miniature set of the Woodbury skin prepara- tions, containing: A trial size cake of Woodbury's Facial Soap A sample tube of Woodbury's Facial Cream A sample box of Woodbury's Facial Powder Together with the treatment booklet, "A Skin You Love to Touch." If you live in Canada, address The Andrew Jergens Co., Limited, 1302Sherbrooke St., Perth, Ontario. Watch for him in the role of Tony, in The Dancers Melbourne Spurr ALICE JOYCE For the past few years the fans have been faithfully singing Alice, Where Art Thou? Then dip Copyright, 1024, by The Andrew Jergens Co. How you can free your skin from blemishes Just before you go to bed, wash in your usual way with warm water and Woodbury's Facial Soap, finishing with a dash of cold water. He's now mak- ing Seven Chances, which will be repro- duced oil the screen in color Stories About the Old Times Told By t Ke Old-Timers DW.

Bend over the top of the basin and cover your head and the bowl with a heavy bath towel, so that no steam can escape. Now lather a hot cloth with Woodbury's Facial Soap. It is worked on linen that she wove herself and is now turned an exquisite creamy yellow.

Then with a rough wash- cloth work up a heavy lather of Woodbury's Facial Soap and rub it into the pores thoroughly, always with an upward and outward motion. If possible, rub your face for thirty seconds with a piece of ice.

Use this treatment to overcome blackheads Every night before retiring apply hot cloths to your face until the skin is reddened.

He simply had to have an actor who could look like a society man without too great a strain on his imagination.

Griffith said he was mak- ing-one of his very first pic- tures at the old Biograph Studio on Fourteenth Street, New York.

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Use the knowledge you have gained from life to overcome past faults and disadvantages.

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