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My heart is healing and that is a slow process, but it was necessary to hurt to have learned what I learned. I’m also grateful to my friends and family who helped me to pick up the pieces when I didn’t have the energy to do it alone. Protect both your heart and your partner’s, whether the love is still there or not. We don’t need to add to the burdens we already carry by hurting others. When you feel like this, you have to do what is best for the relationship and for each other and wave the white flag to avoid further damage. Some things just won’t work, no matter how badly we wish they would. Please don’t do more damage to your heart by trying to fix something that has passed its expiration date. 8 things I have learned about relationships so far: 1.

I once again entered into a relationship desperate to find love and instead found a beautiful disaster. Unrequited love is toxic, and it can eat you alive.

Unfortunately I did it again this year and I can promise you that it was the last time. I fell in love, watched it grow, watched it change, and watched it fall apart. You cannot continue to give to another person when you are not at your best; when you are so broken, so beaten down that you have no energy left. You will find love again, and next time it will feel better. We are constantly learning and changing and growing. If you feel it on the inside, you’ll find it out there. She writes to share the lessons she has learned with others, and to re-read them as a reminder when she gets stuck.

I now know what I would like my relationship with my future partner to feel like, and that is the first step towards being open to receiving this gift. I have been tested often this year and with this came the opportunity to learn lessons. I felt the pain, and still continue to recover from it. If your relationship starts to crumble, know when to put it down and let it be. When talking has failed and words no longer have meaning, this is when you know it is over. It is okay to walk away from something that hurts you. If in love you find yourself in a sticky situation like I was, please stop picking at scabs. Stop the cycle, and let your heart heal so you can find pure love.

Falling in love can be a slippery slope, regardless of any protective barriers we may have built.

It can ease in like a light a mist that settles itself beautifully over your life, or it can blindside you.

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If there is a feeling better than love, I have not felt it.

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