Baby boomers and speed dating

Your parents were consistent, always wanting something better for you than what they had for themselves growing up.

So we didn't have Nintendo, Play Station, x-boxes, video games or i pods in the fifties.

I think they're looking for those out-of-the-box opportunities." People are living longer than ever, and many are realizing that romance doesn't have to stop with old age.

People in their 80s and 90s crave love just as much as the rest of us, explained Steven Loring, whose 2014 documentary "The Age of Love" follows a group of senior citizens in Rochester, New York, as they embark on a speed-dating adventure with hopes to find love, or at least companionship.

Homework aside, you could play until just before 6, when the family would sit down together for a planned supper---or was it dinner? If you were as blessed as I was, your parents loved each other and you knew it!For many of them, the event itself was a wake-up call, Loring told TODAY: "A lot of (older) people stereotype themselves," he explained."They accept what society tells them, that as along as they've got their social security and digestive aids and recreational activities, that's all they need.If by some chance you had a friend or even knew someone whose parents were divorced, that home was considered "broken", and you weren't quite sure what that meant.But most important of all, you knew your parents loved you, even though at times it might have felt (literally) like a tough love---ever get spanked with a wooden spoon?

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This is a year of big birthdays, for, believe it or not, 2017 is when the baby boomer turns 70. Born in peacetime, with the freedom to enjoy the Sixties’ summer of love, they’re now completely redefining ‘old age’. She lives in London with Olly, her husband of 43 years, with whom she has two grown-up sons and two grandchildren Statistics suggest life expectancy is rising by two-and-a-half years per decade — predictions are that, by the end of the 21st century, there will be 1.5 million centenarians in the UK. She lives in London with Olly, her husband of 43 years, with whom she has two grown-up sons and two grandchildren.

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