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Houston, Texas- 3 In a statement, spokespeople for the website said, "New Orleans ranked extremely high among our list of generous cities.

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In order to participate in the auction, users are required to register, which takes approximately 60 seconds.At the final party, a replica* of the ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablet Plimpton Cuneiform 322 which is printed with math equations linked to some of the earliest algorithms, will be on display, on loan from Columbia University.** Winners of every lot will also receive a 3-D printed tablet modeled in the Babylonian style and printed with the code they’ve won.The winner of “Hello, World,” will also receive an archival algorithm, “handwritten in original C syntax on acid-free dot-matrix computer paper,” says Artsy representative Michelle Finocchi, and signed by Brian Kernighan.They will then be assigned an account number and password, which will allow them to bid on products and to list their own products for auction.When listing an item the seller decides what the reserve price will be.

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The starting bids for the lots are between $1,000 and $2,500, but Artsy says they can’t predict how much they’ll end up going for–no one has ever sold algorithms in this form before. All proceeds of the auction will benefit the museum.*In an earlier version of this article, we stated that the real tablet would be on display. **The earlier version of this article did not mention that said replica was on loan from Columbia University.

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