At what age began to invest?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«If you knew youth if old age could»

(c) Henri Etienne

If you speak investing, then each age has its advantages in order to start investing at this age.

In my youth you have a huge temporary «Fora» you can fully use the effect of a complex percentage.

In adulthood, you earn the most money and theoretically you can make the largest monthly (or annual savings).

And in the mature years you have already grew up, the issue with housing was most likely somehow closed — so no major costs distract you from investment savings. Yes, and experience — you should not discount it.

Each age has its advantages to start investing …

Let’s stay in more detail at each age of the investor and think that we have in each case. And what needs to be taken to the investor, how to realize your advantages and level the shortcomings?

I think this will be unspecified for all of us thinking, and in the popular literature, nothing is creative than a pop idea «Let your portfolio, the percentage of bonds be equal to your age in the years» I did not find it particularly on this issue. Only common solid reasoning about conservative investments for the elderly and risky for young people.

Well, nothing, here, we will not smear the porridge on a plate — I will quickly understand and with this question, «I don’t help themselves, tea is not the first time» (c).


We will analyze the situation of our three beginners of investors: young, adult and mature.

Young investor

Most likely, you all saw the wonderful construction of a charture of a complex interest (who did not see — google) — there is clearly one simple idea: with a constant percentage of returns reinvesting the profit, you will receive more and more money every next year. At the same time, the longer you will continue this process — the stronger from year to year the effect of a complex percentage will be shown. That is, for the elderly investor, the effect of a complex interest will not be very non-applicable (due to the realistic planning horizon), and for the young man — is extremely relevant.

Thus, for a very young investor, an excess time is able to compensate for the main problem: obvious

The most important recommendation for the young investor becomes

The biggest

As for investment tools for our young investor, I would say that in order to invest in such a distance, you can not consider anything except global trends. Examples: In the world, the population grows by 90 million people per year. They all want to eat something. Food manufacturers on the long-term trend will grow. Total — it is necessary to invest in food producers. All these people will consume energy. Moreover, governments are struggling with pollution. Total — it is necessary to invest in renewable. More on such a planning horizon, it seems to me, you can not take into account, just choosing from the relevant areas the most stable companies with stable dividends — for the full use of the effect of a complex percentage.

Adult investor

Good salary


Life experience and horizons

The problems of our adult investor were already indirectly sounded, let’s list them:

Investing tools need to be chosen with much greater prudence than a young comrade. Prepare a financial airbag into investment to invest only money that is definitely not needed in the coming years to the urgent solution of problems (their or family).

Since attachments are potentially made for a shorter period — not for forty years, as a young man does, but by 20 or 10 or even less, then it is still more specifically to consider each issuer, distant trends may be less relevant here — and the stability of the industry And growth prospects are more important.

Mature investor

Cons of a mature investor are obvious —

From this flow logical recommendations. Tools with high security and regular yield: Reit, first of all, can be interesting, and reliable bonds, as an option. As for the shares — here, it will certainly be preferred by reliable issuers who have consistently paying high dividends, and the prospect of growth is practically no significant. That is, the idea of the portfolio is a cash flow, which is maximized right now and as safe as possible.

So what do we get?

We see that investing is the case, which is never too late and at any life stage you can achieve considerable success. Even — who knows — maybe