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Aspxgridview not updating

This is a cinch to do with standard Bound Fields, as I just set Html Encode to true. NET parses your file and sees you're using it generates some special code for it. The first part is the one-way databinding portion, which ends up being just a regular Eval() call.

But in order to setup validation controls, one needs to use Template Fields instead. The second part is the reverse portion, which is typically some code along the lines of "string name = Text Box1.

I want to know if I can invoke Aspx Grid View update.

I catch a data on Aspx Grid View Focused Row in server side.

You want to add your parameters to the Object Data Source Selecting Event Args that is passed to the event handler.

The Naming Container hierarchy can be understood from the markup, while the Parent hierarchy may contain extra controls such as the Table generated by the Form View.

How do I easily add Html Encoding to output this way? NET 2.0 project, so I'm using the newer data binding shortcuts (e.g. Text" that grabs the value back out from where it was bound. NET has to parse Bind() statements, two-way databinding doesn’t support anything other than Bind().

The following example implements a custom defined toolbar with ASPx Buttons, which perform all the editing capabilities over a grid's data source.So first using Find Control for Update Panel and then doing the Data Bind() solved my problem. Still, I do not why I didn't receive an error at build time when just using "Grid View3" (without Find Control) as reference in codebehind?! Popup works OK and also the editing of the data, but when I close the popup (from code behind) the data in the gridview is not refreshed. Zav Pogodba ID, tbl Racun Detail_Premija, tbl Racun Detail_Obdobje, tbl Racun Detail_Provizija FROM tbl Racun Detail_temp INNER JOIN tbl Zavarovalna Pogodba ON tbl Racun Detail_temp. Zav Pogodba ID ORDER BY id DESC " This for me is not practical, because it deletes all the inputs the user has made on the page (I have one Details View on the Page that I didn't paste in the code)... Data Bind() in its click event the grid is refreshed (order: open popup, update record, close popup, click btn Refresh).Aspx: " Select Command="SELECT tbl Zavarovalna Stevilka ' - ' CAST(tbl Zavarovalna Zavarovalna Vrsta AS nvarchar(3)) ' - ' tbl Zavarovalna Podvrsta AS Polica, tbl Racun, tbl Racun Detail_temp.[user], tbl Racun Detail_temp. Any other options - if find it strange to believe that it is so hard to refresh a bound Grid View ??? Why is the grid refreshed this way, but not using the same codebehind at the end of popup hide?? My problem was that since I put the gridview (Grid View3) in an update panel I first had to use Find Control before reference it in codebehind. Also there was no error at build time regarding the use "of just" Grid View3 as reference.

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A Grid View Update Event Args object is passed to the event-handling method, which enables you to determine the index of the current row and to indicate that the update operation should be canceled.

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